To get my tattoo yesterday, I wore one of my favorite outfits. I bought this dress last winter and have worn it with boots and jackets for a few months. Now I can finally wear it as it was meant to be worn: bare-legged and be-sandaled, topped off by a pretty kickass corset.


This necklace used to be a bracelet, scrunched up with an elastic. The elastic broke, but I actually prefer it as a necklace. I’m wearing my Voltaire key pendant. He’s one of my favorite artists, and I am proudly and forever his fangirl.

Dress – Bella Boutique

Corset – 17th birthday

first of many

YOU GAIZ. I got my first tattoo today.

On my left hip. It’s three hours old. “nihil timendum” = Latin for “nothing to fear”. An axiom I want on me always.  I chose the left hip because I’ve had a bone removed in my right foot, and my right nostril pierced, so I am now a perfect zigzag of bodymods.

Many more to come. I want “SPQR” on my ribcage.

Also, those are my favorite underpants. Now you know that.


life’s a witch and then you fly (this title format doesn’t do apostrophes. wut.)

I’ve owned this shirt and skirt since I was 14. The shirt used to be a typical boxy t-shirt, and a few days ago I cut it down to a more flattering shape. You can’t see, but it’s knotted in the back like stegosaurus scales.



“Life’s a witch and then you fly” was my yearbook quote in eighth grade. (My twelfth-grade one was “[T]he opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.” If that interests you.)

My general look is characterized by the contrast between hyperfeminine and goth/punk/badass/witchy. This outfit is a good example. I’m party on top, business on the bottom.

precious metals

It’s been a while, I know. In the past two weeks, I’ve taken four final exams, packed up and moved out of my dorm, painted my bedroom at home (magenta and lime – I’m basically living on the set of Wicked), and filled out about 20 job applications. The worst of the chaos is over, though, and I’m relaxing into my summer, finally reading The Hunger Games, and gathering excitement for my birthday on Thursday.

I haven’t, however, been neglecting the aesthetic. Here’s one from this past Wednesday. I got this dress for free at a clothing swap my dorm held shortly before move-out. The leggings are one of my staples, and I think the bag pulled it all together.


I’ve gone on record with my dislike for yellow. It doesn’t usually flatter my rather sallow skin. I think the silver bottom, though, gives the top a gold cast, which is a nicer complement than bright dandelion yellow. I really like it, actually, with the orange necklace and silver-white bracelet. I was really proud of my colors that day.


Snaggletooth pride. Amirite?

Leggings – Plato’s Closet

Orange necklace – Charlotte Russe

Hat – gift

Dress – clothing swap

Spiral necklace – gift

Bag – Bella Boutique

Sandals – Gaiam

a meadow, a sitar, and a vial of absinthe in my bra

…are what I’d need to really complete this outfit. It’s a gorgeous day in Burlington, and I can see the lake from my dorm window. I feel fantastically bohemian. I took a long walk through the hill section neighborhoods and celebrated my last day of classes.

I got this dress for my fifteenth birthday, and it’s certainly been well loved. It’s a one-size-fits-all number my godmother plucked off a street vendor’s rack in Washington, D.C., and it fits me better than just about anything else. I’m classically pear-shaped, and, to my utter frustration, take a size 4-6 on top and 8-10 on bottom. That’s why I love halter dresses: the ties adjust to my medium-sized breasts (I’m a big B or small C) while the skirts skim over my generous hips.

I really love today’s bangles. I decided against a necklace because this neckline already has quite a bit going on, so I did it up with the bracelets.



I picked up a dandelion on my daily meander. It ended up behind my ear.

Yes, I took this in a drugstore bathroom. The muses find me where they will.

Dress: Fifteenth birthday

Skull bracelets: Christmas stocking

Orange baubles: Charlotte Russe, $6.50

Silver bracelet: Battery Street Jeans, $2

Belt: Battery Street Jeans, $2

Leggings: Urban Outfitters, $15

Sandals: Gaiam, $32 (These are an absolute godsend to my poor feet. The toe separators distribute my weight evenly and keep the pressure off my fallen arches and creaky ankles.)


This, I feel, encapsulates the essence of my style.



I need a haircut. I prefer it a little rounder and bouncier. But I’m loving this magenta hair. I used to use Manic Panic Pillarbox Red, which was gorgeous for a few days and rapidly faded to brittle, mangy orange. Now I use Splat Raspberry, which gives much richer color and actually makes my hair softer.

This dress is strapless with a sweetheart neckline. Usually I’d let it show, but this particular dress suffers from a broken clasp (the reason it was only $27). Without the cardigan, the entire back of my bra would be visible.

Sundress: Old Gold, $27

Cardigan: Bella Boutique, $38 (Far more than I’d usually pay for an accessory item, but it’s a true investment: I wear it with everything.)

Pendant: Battery Street Jeans, $1 (Fucking STEAL!)

Belt: Battery Street Jeans, $2

Hat: Gift

Harley boots (invisible): Hand-me-down from Mom

Tights: Drugstore, $5