precious metals

It’s been a while, I know. In the past two weeks, I’ve taken four final exams, packed up and moved out of my dorm, painted my bedroom at home (magenta and lime – I’m basically living on the set of Wicked), and filled out about 20 job applications. The worst of the chaos is over, though, and I’m relaxing into my summer, finally reading The Hunger Games, and gathering excitement for my birthday on Thursday.

I haven’t, however, been neglecting the aesthetic. Here’s one from this past Wednesday. I got this dress for free at a clothing swap my dorm held shortly before move-out. The leggings are one of my staples, and I think the bag pulled it all together.


I’ve gone on record with my dislike for yellow. It doesn’t usually flatter my rather sallow skin. I think the silver bottom, though, gives the top a gold cast, which is a nicer complement than bright dandelion yellow. I really like it, actually, with the orange necklace and silver-white bracelet. I was really proud of my colors that day.


Snaggletooth pride. Amirite?

Leggings – Plato’s Closet

Orange necklace – Charlotte Russe

Hat – gift

Dress – clothing swap

Spiral necklace – gift

Bag – Bella Boutique

Sandals – Gaiam

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