pipe dream

I am seriously considering goth modeling. I just made an account on this site. We shall see where it goes.  

miss hollywood

I should’ve lived in the 1940s. World War II and widespread oppression aside, the fashion was sensual and kind to curves and even vaguely gothic. Yesterday I found a dress I was afraid I’d gotten rid of, and I channeled some Olde Hollywood. With my haircut and perennially red lips, I was already halfway there….

brighter every time

I re-dyed. I apologize for the recent lack of outfit posts. I’ve mostly been wearing repeats. It’s 90 degrees and I feel no creative impulse. I’ll start playing again when it cools off. Have a song to make up for it.

delightful incongruity

Girly dress + punk-ass accessories is practically entering trope status. I ought to rethink my game before I get predictable. (Until then, moar sundresses.)

cue the mandolin

I didn’t leave the house or even get dressed today, so here’s a roundup featuring one of my favorite dresses. It makes me feel like a French country maiden. Photo age ranges from three months to two weeks. My hair was orange in February and March. I like pink much better. The orange wasn’t intentional…

northern belle

I’m a little surprised at myself lately. I feel a little betrayed by my sudden desire to rock yellow and white. Tomorrow I need to wear a leather dress in the name of not losing all my goth cred. I wonder how much grease it takes to blacken my soul. I went to work today,…

i take after my mother

Huge picdump of a post today. My mother handed down an old shirt of hers, as well as some jewelry. Considering how awesome I feel in her garments, our styles are more alike than I’d previously thought.      I ended up wearing the top two days in a row. First with leggings and my mother’s…