paying homage

In the name of shamelessly whoring for traffic, I thought I’d do a linkdump. My style and I don’t exist in a vacuum, so I’m giving a nod to some of my inspirations.

Hairdos like this make me miss my natural color. (source)

This girl and I have very similar body types, so she’s a great guinea pig for styles I think I might want to try.

I don’t particularly like monochrome. I would wear the fuck out of this, though, with some red or purple accents. (source)

One of my favorite trends is formal wear repurposed for more casual ends. The hat! My gods, the hat. (source)

I don’t really care for long-sleeved dresses, but I’d love this with cap or puffed sleeves and a more dramatic neckline. (source)

I rescind what I said about long-sleeved dresses. I adore the shape of this. Structured, swingy dresses are my bread and butter. (source)

I need to find a really good pencil skirt this fall. One that promotes my ass while not making my legs look any shorter than they actually are. (28″ inseam. Holla.) (source)

Images like this make me want to model. (source)

I sorely wish I could wear heels. I have a bone disorder that more or less prohibits cute shoes. Sometimes I suffer through for the sake of awesome, but it’s hard even finding a pair to fit my misshapen feet. (source)

I couldn’t pull off all this drapery without looking shapeless and probably pregnant, but I’d gladly wear these pieces individually. LOVE the t-shirt. (source)

I already have most of these components. Time to workshop this. (source)

As much as I love ogling pinup pieces in the catalogs, it’s great to see actual customers rocking them. And Stiletto is probably my favorite fashion blogger of them all. (source)

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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