Burgundy is proving a lovely color for me. I feel more “classic bohemian” and less “strung-out hippie.” Today I felt like I belonged in a folk ensemble.

Lately my bras have been sagging and stretching, to the point of mammary discomfort, so I trekked to Victoria’s Secret and got myself refitted. Turns out I am in fact a 34D, not a 34B-C as I have been wearing since puberty. I invested in two new bras that fit, and I can’t believe how much more comfortable I am. And now I have the nice little ego boost of getting to call myself a D-cup.

Lately I’ve been avoiding high-waisted skirts due to trouble finding any that didn’t ride up, bisect my stomach, or cling to my hips. I’ve finally found one that doesn’t. I bought it yesterday at Dirt Chic. The waist is loose enough for comfort but fitted enough not to add bulk. The pleats manage to be swingy rather than heavy. One problem I run into with longer skirts is the tendency for too-long A-lines to sag into a tulip shape, which makes my short legs look even shorter. I don’t see that happening with this one, which is great. It’s also short enough to show the meaty part of my calves. When only my ankles are visible, my legs look downright disproportionate.

Purple! I love it.

Oh hello, 34D.

I have so much skull swag at this point in my life. I ought to do a compilation post featuring nothing but.


Update! I’m actually serious about the modeling thing. I’ve decided to look beyond just goth stuff and investigate all kinds of alternative modeling. Yesterday my awesome friend Anna and I did a photo shoot in City Hall Park, with an actual camera, actual scenery, and actual costume changes. I’ll upload the photos as soon as I’ve sorted them (we got about 600). I’m officially building a portfolio, and I’d like to start freelancing soon.

I’m fully aware that modeling has the trashiest reputation of all the visual arts (“all you do is stand around and look pretty!”), and I’m steeling myself for the onslaught of stupefaction that a former Latin major now aspires to make a living off her appearance. I can say with confidence that it’s a hell of a lot more than looking pretty. There’s real synergy in a successful photo shoot, a kind of collusion with the camera and instinct for how best to convey your mood and your creative vision. It’s stationary acting: you’re telling a whole story using nothing but the structure of your body and what’s on it. Still refuse to call it an art? Attend one of my shoots sometime.

I almost forgot your song!

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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  1. This is going to sound incredibly tacky, but here it is: this blog gives me hope for the future. The fact that you are so proud to be you is one of the most wonderful things I know–thank you.

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