I finally got my modeling shots sorted, sub-sorted, and uploaded to Facebook for my IRL friends to ooh and ahh over. Out of ~400 photos, ~100 were good enough for Facebook, and only a fraction of those made it here. The best of the best.

I am not wearing makeup other than lipstick in any of these.

This is now my Facebook profile picture. I look like both my grandmothers in it.

THIS BLOUSE. I bought it on impulse (anything red and shiny will do that to me) five minutes before the shoot. I’m in love with the way it catches the light. This will be in heavy rotation come fall.

My hair totally changes color based on the light.

Half cowgirl, half wailing widow.

Seducing the camera. What I do best. In nine months I’ll give birth to a roll of film.

My favorite thing about my body is how soft it sometimes looks.

Welcome to leafy Burlington.

Beaver-toothed and proud of it. You know what? So was Hermione Fucking Granger.

“Why hello – omg a skull”

Facebook comment: “old maidpunk”


I loved doing this. It felt really right. I am meant to be a muse, I think. For Latin, for poetry, for clothes. (But Latin and poetry don’t make me feel like a bombshell.)

So now I need opinions. Is this something I should pursue? Is there a market for my kind of work? Anything I should change? My biggest dilemma right now is straight-size vs. plus-size modeling. I’m not exactly either, and I’d prefer not to gain or lose weight. Is that realistic? Can I fit in somewhere?

I’ve applied for a WickedTalent account, and tomorrow I have an interview with a photographer. We’ll see where things go.


Here’s your song. As you may have gleaned from the last few posts, I really, really like choral/orchestral/theatrical music.

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “swag”

  1. Going back and remembering this. It seems like such a long time ago!! And look at how far you’ve come :).
    Proud to be the first one to shoot you. Photographically. Of course.

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