wishful thinking

I have not worn anything new or exciting for the past several days. Today I got antsy, and decided to paw through my closet and just experiment. I designed a few looks I plan to put into rotation this fall. (My favorite season. Not just because I overheat like a motherfucker – Samhain is my favorite time of year.)

I shot in my bedroom today; I dared not venture anywhere else in 90-degree heat. I said a few posts ago that I’m currently between apartments: this is the bedroom I grew up in. It actually makes a decent backdrop; the lighting isn’t great (when is it ever?), but my bedroom is a damn good representation of what it’s like inside my head. Should be easy to see where I get my inspiration from.

Only in autumn do I fully realize my pagan aesthetic. I feel most like myself when I’m walking around dressed like a storybook witch.

I’m in love with what this particular scarf does for my hair. Pseudo-pigtails. It accentuates the polka dots, I think. (This happens to be my favorite shirt, by far.)

I love these boots. Vintage Harley. They’re ultra-supportive and just slouchy enough. My former protocol was to wear my Harleys with dresses, because they provide a slight heel and general calf definition, and Doc Martens with jeans. This fall, though, I want to mix that up. I feel really badass in distressed jeans and motorcycle boots. I’ll find a complementary head scarf, and I have a rather garish leather coat that would go perfectly.

I realize this is just another variation on my done-to-death blouse/skirt/belt/scarf deal, but I’ve never claimed not to be a creature of habit. I recently cut several older tops to accommodate my post-pubescent body, and I discovered the off-the-shoulder look. I think it goes great with my head scarves. I feel like a Gypsy (or, rather, like the Western cultural representation of a Gypsy).

I’ve never been sure exactly what this shirt depicts, which is part of why I love it.

I love these colors together.

My lettuce skirt. One of my favorites.

I’ve actually worn this outfit once before, after which I proceeded to forget that both these pieces existed. I’m really excited to resurrect them. I feel like an Austrian maiden.


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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