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I’ve noticed my hits counter lagging a bit lately, and I haven’t gotten any likes in a while. Because I’m a fame whore, I’m mildly concerned. So just this once, I will waylay my own stylistic vision and ask y’all what you’d like to see me in. Comment away! I’ll do my best to come up with what you describe, and I’ll blog the top two or three ideas.

Have at thee!

urban elphaba

I nurse a great fondness for the Wizard of Oz canon, Gregory Maguire’s Wicked series in particular, and Elphaba Thropp is one of my all-time favorite literary characters. She’s a witch, but not the sexy, slinky kind I usually aim to embody. She’s tough and ungainly and better suited to leather than lace. Some witches transcend the elements, but Elphaba seems like she just soldiers right through them, grim-faced in a burlap cloak. I like that roughness, so I borrowed a little of it for today’s witchiness.

Peasant skirt topped off with a snakeskin belt. I wish I could say I skinned the snake myself.

I really like the paper-bag waist trend, particularly with a skinny belt. This morning I sewed belt loops onto this skirt to properly accommodate the belt.

Celtic knot necklace. Used to be my mother’s.

I feel more than a little medieval.

Leather boots! They make everything a little grungier, especially peasant-style skirts.

Blouse: Plato’s Closet Skirt: Paizlee’s (now-defunct boutique in Essex) Jacket and Belt: Battery Street Jeans Boots and Necklace: Handed down from Mom Hat: Gifted

coziness incarnate

Even when I attempt preppy, I end up looking like a clown-college graduate. In spite (or probably because) of that, I am in rapturous love with today’s colors.

Another of my recent Battery Street Jeans purchases. It’s my Slytherin sweater.

Contrast again. It’s the easiest way to build interesting outfits. Today it’s schlumpy-preppy. Old-man sweater (I found it in a box on the side of the road last year) plus girly baubles. Also, because there’s so much going on up top, I stuck to black leggings on  the bottom. I think even jeans would be too much for this.

awww yis

Striped Sweater and Green Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Leggings: Handed down from Mom Scarf: Plato’s Closet Hat: Gifted Orange Necklace: Charlotte Russe Blue Sweater: Battery Street Jeans Purse: Bella Boutique

in my element

I recently made a contact on ModelMayhem interested in doing some “goddess-themed” work with me. He told me to select a location with palpable energy, somewhere I was very comfortable and could really collude with my surroundings. With my parents’  permission, we drove up to my parents’ house and shot in a little copse I used to call “fairy rock”. What resulted was some of the best work I’ve ever done.

All rights reserved by Robert Eddy of First Light Studios.

I’ve always felt the most myself when dressed as a witch. Such garb doesn’t create a pagan identity, of course, but it’s cultural shorthand for connection to my ancient forebears. It’s an easy way to be publicly “out of the broom closet“: partaking in a tradition that does not begin or end with me. That’s fascinating. (In the real world, I’m a religious studies major, and that occasionally bleeds into my fashion work.)

This morning it was sufficiently chilly, so I thought I’d secularize this outfit a bit and wear it out.

I made it more prosaic with the addition of my glasses and a jacket. That spiderweb jacket goes with everything. And it tones down the pagan sensibility from “woodland goddess” to “Halloween kitsch” – more appropriate for daily wear.

An excellent dress for curves. It fits me perfectly.

This is my favorite kind of goth. Understated, elegant, and powerful. I was never much for Hot Topic babybat baubles. “Delicious evil” trumps “screaming emo” any day of the week.

Dress: Handed down from Mom Necklace: Beachside shop in Maine Jacket: Battery Street Jeans

snake-oil salesgirl

I spent yesterday down at Battery Street Jeans, taking advantage of September’s 20%-off-with-student-ID promotion. I found a veritable assload (how I love combining high and low diction) of luscious vintage blouses. Best part? No individual piece cost more than $6.

Y’all know I love creepy-crawlies. ‘Til now, I’d relied mostly on skulls and spiders (though I’ve had my eye on a certain eyeball headband for a while). Today marks my sojourn into the serpentine.

I’ve realized that contrast, sharp contrast and lots of it, is my predominant stylistic trope. High and low diction. The louche and the ladylike. The gory and the graceful. I’m always a little anachronistic – never sliding fully into whichever era I’m embodying that day. I like it that way. In this outfit, the necklace is what does it. The pop of garish kitsch against the more elegant blouse and skirt really ties everything together.

My hair is red again. I couldn’t stay away.

I need to tailor this skirt. I have to safety-pin it when I wear a belt, and even then it bulges oddly. This weekend I plan to sit down and alter a whole bunch of clothes.

First time wearing my Harley boots this fall! It was too warm for tights today. I rather like the bare-legged look.

Blouse, Belt, Skirt, and Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Boots: Handed down from Mom Skull Ring: 18th birthday


Here’s the song this post makes me think of. (Carbon Leaf is my absolute favorite band and I’m seeing them on November 3rd!)

i’ve been told i resemble a circus

Summer has officially broken. I spent the weekend in Maine and came back to a distinct chill in the air, palpable even though the humidity. Autumnal style is rearing its head!

Usually I prefer a print this dramatic in a more tailored silhouette, but this particular print is smooth enough and symmetrical enough to stand up to its shape. I went with color-blocked accessories and black leggings to round it out.

It’s an objectively simple outfit structure, but something about this seems so flamboyant. My money’s on the vaguely Vaudevillian hat. Primary colors, too. I’ve decided I look good in them.

Ever-present skull ring. Goes with everything I own.

The belt really bisects this nicely, and manages to give me some shape.

Blouse and Leggings: Handed down from Mom Belt: Battery Street Jeans Hat: Gifted Skull Ring: 18th birthday