Yesterday I took the bus to Montpelier to shoot with Brent Gould, a photographer whose work I really enjoy. He’s been exhibited all around Montpelier, so I was pretty excited to share in his prestige. He has such an interesting little studio, full of evocative knickknacks. For this shoot, I embodied three distinct themes: “scheming noblewoman”, “backstage at the burlesque hall”, and “mildly erotic winter-wear catalog”. He hasn’t edited them all yet, so here is one photo from each theme, and a promise that the full set will be posted on Monday or Tuesday.

The light on my chest is a candle and not, as my friend conjectured, a lens flare.

cosmopolitan concubine

I’ve snapped out of my normality phase, you’ll be pleased to note. This is an outfit I’ve been contemplating for a while, and I’m happy to have finally figured it out. I really like how it turned out.

Corset + harem pants can go nightmarishly wrong, but I think I did a decent job of it.

Loose pants are a pretty big variation for me. I tend toward leggings and fitted jeans. Looser pants can be disastrous, but higher-waisted varieties are generally more flattering, I think. They start at the slimmest part of the body and proceed to round the hips nicely and skim over the thighs.

Corset: 17th birthday Harem Pants: Handed down from Mom Belt: Battery Street Jeans Necklace: Charlotte Russe Shoes: Danform

this is my brain on (relatively) normal

Sometimes I really just want simplicity. I look like your average UVM chick today (well, maybe a little more colorful).

I got a haircut! I had dinner at my parents’ house last night, and then my mother cut my hair. Just an inch and a half off, but it’s so much rounder and bouncier. This is a good length for me.

They say horizontal stripes widen, but I actually find this sweater slimming.

I’m actually wearing jeans! I’ve been more comfortable in them lately, especially since I started coming to terms with my thighs.

The warmest hat I own.

I love how these jeans fit. They were $15 at Charlotte Russe, but they’re remarkably well structured. Also, I sucked it up and bought the “short”, and the length is PERFECT.

My magazine-cover pose.

Told you the length was perfect. Also, I’m a big fan of these shoes. THEY DON’T HURT. (I apologize for the lighting. The color of the jeans is more accurately depicted in the pictures above than in this one.)

I got a red carpet. This is gonna be fun.

Jeans: Charlotte Russe Belt and Striped Sweater: Battery Street Jeans Purple Sweater: Christmas 2009 Scarf: Plato’s Closet Shoes: Danform Hat: Christmas 2011