the lost kardashian

If Nadia Aboulhosn is a long-lost Kardashian sister (as I often suspect she might be), then I’m at least a second cousin today.

lost kardashian VII

lost kardashian II

I’m going to redo this post as soon as I have a better webcam. I really, really like this outfit, and I want to do it photographic justice.

lost kardashian III

lost kardashian IV

lost kardashian V

lost kardashian VI

lost kardashian VIII

lost kardashian IX

I look like Nessarose Thropp. Saffron cream* to anyone who gets the reference.

lost kardashian X

lost kardashian XXIII

lost kardashian XII

Dress & Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Boots: Handed down from Mom Jacket: Handed down from neighbor Bracelet: Claire’s

*hell no. that shit is expensive.

hopping around pretending it’s spring

Here’s a squicky factoid about me: I have some issues with seasonal depression and anxiety. (Trust me, I’m squirming mightily as I write this. I don’t like talking about feelings. But it’s necessary in establishing a context for this post. And I’m consoling myself by remembering that it’s not feelings feelings, just misfiring serotonin.) I look forward to the January thaw weeks in advance. For a precious few day, I get an infusion of spring. Today it was fifty motherfucking degrees and smelled like awakening. I had me a little adventure down on the slowly thawing docks.

I’m truly sorry about the drawn-out atrocity that is this borrowed webcam. I should have my computer back by Monday. Until then, try to focus on the gist of the outfit and ignore the engorged pixels.

grey and red

grey and red II

grey and red IV

grey and red V

I’d been planning this outfit for a while. I liked the overarching theme of grey and red. All I was missing was the grey cardigan. Yesterday I found this one in the “free” box at Battery Street Jeans.

grey and red VI

grey and red VII

grey and red VIII

grey and red IX

grey and red X

grey and red XI

grey and red XII

grey and red XIII

I took pictures of my dock-hopping:

thaw V

Sometimes my city looks really bohemian. And I mean that in the literal sense. It reminds me of old Prague.

thaw XIII

thaw III

thaw VII

Half the docks were still mired in ice and half weren’t. The divide was almost exactly down the middle.

thaw VI

Motherfucking lampreys.

thaw XII

It’s a sad day indeed when my flip phone takes better outfit pictures than my webcam.

thaw XI

thaw VIII

thaw X

I want spring winds to follow me everywhere I go.

Dress & Belt: Handed down from Mom Hat: Handed down from cousin Shoes: Danform Jacket, Cardigan, & Necklace: Battery Street Jeans


This is my favorite warm-weather song.

witches need real lives too

First, an announcement. My computer’s battery kicked the bucket, and while it’s not a death sentence (I’ve ordered a new battery, and it should arrive by the end of the week), I’m stuck using my mom’s creaky spare laptop for the next few days. It has a webcam, but not a very good one, so my next few batches of photos will be grainier than usual. I’ve done my best to edit them, but I don’t have much to work with in the first place.

(I could always, of course, refrain from blogging for a while, but attention whoring runs in my blood.)

That said, I think the grainy look is actually an asset to today’s post. It makes me feel even more anachronistic, like I’ve sprung up from a fairy tale into three flesh-and-blood dimensions.

witchy XIV

witchy I

witchy II

witchy III

witchy IV

witchy V

The scarf might be a controversial choice, but I really like it. It seems, on the surface, to detract from the outfit’s simplicity and severity, but I think it actually magnifies it. The contrast is so harsh that the severity is accented. There’s a reason black and white is a timeless combination

witchy VI

witchy VII

witchy VIII

I’m pleased with today’s color scheme. I established my three thematic colors – black, white, and red – in the bulk of the outfit, and then went slightly askew with the accents: off-white boots, burgundy tights, and beige coat. It’s a tightly wound theme, and it allows me to go full renegade with accessories that don’t really fit at all: blue nail polish and bronze bracelet.

witchy IX

I bubbled the hem of one of my favorite dresses. I prefer it like this, as ragged as it looks. It adds a little drama to a very simple dress.

witchy X

witchy XI

witchy XII

Dress & Boots: Handed down from Mom Hat, Scarf, Necklace, Bracelet, & Tights: Various birthdays and holidays Coat: Old Gold


I’m a really big fan of spiritual/mythological themes. There’s always that one girl who’s a little too into the “earth mother” stuff, and that girl is very often me. I love Pyramid Collection and misty old graveyards and The Mists of Avalon, and I have about fifteen Waterhouse prints in my bedroom. Because today’s outfit makes me feel like Morgan le Fay, here’s a song in that general spirit:

a textbook case of special snowflake syndrome

Life decisions update! As of yesterday, I’ve officially been hired as a face of Owlhurst Loft, a fledgling (do you see what I did there?) vintage store and art gallery. They were kind enough to endorse my blog, so it’s the least I can do to endorse their Facebook page. Go to the link above and click “like”, and you’ll be able to see my work with them when it starts appearing. (It’ll be posted on this blog as well, of course.)

Also, Andreea at Thrill of the Heel added my latest inspirations post to her features page! I’m officially going international. I wish I spoke Romanian.

Today I really like how delicate I look on the outside and how colorful I am just underneath.

purple blouse IV

purple blouse III

purple blouse II

purple blouse V

Once in a while I should try something other than vintage blouse + high-waisted skirt. Someday I’m sure I’ll get sick of it. Until then, though, it ain’t broke yet.

purple blouse VI

purple blouse VII

purple blouse VIII

purple blouse IX

It’s interesting how environment informs complexion. My skin looks several shades paler here than in the pictures above.

Also, I am literally a snowflake. In the most literal sense of the word “literal”.

purple blouse X

purple blouse XI

This was a candid, but it turned out well.

purple blouse XII

I feel like Eliza Doolittle.

purple blouse XIII

This coat ends in just the right place.

Coat & Hat: Old Gold Blouse, Skirt, Belt, & Ring: Battery Street Jeans Scarf & Necklace: Gifted Boots: Handed down from Mom


I do love novelty musical theatre.

i’m a slytherin

I joined Pottermore just so I could get Sorted. My Sorting surprised exactly no one.

blue and green I

blue and green II

blue and green III

I don’t have pierced ears. I used to, but my ears rejected the metal, and I decided the chronic infections weren’t worth it and let the holes close up. I’m strongly considering getting them redone, because I’ve had my nose pierced for almost two years with nary a bit of pus. I think my poor tender lobes could handle it.

To try it out, I bought these clip-ons yesterday.

blue and green IV

blue and green V

blue and green VII

blue and green VIII

The boots look cooler in person. I wish my shitty webcam did them justice. The slouchy leather looks great with the prim skirt.

blue and green IX

blue and green X

blue and green XI

Sweater: Battery Street Jeans Skirt & Headwrap: Old Gold Boots, Belt, & Ring: Handed down from Mom Earrings: Claire’s

we all like to think we’re not predictable (we’re all wrong)

It’s funny how transparently my influences evince themselves in my style. I puzzle over whether that’s nature or nurture – am I drawn to those whose aesthetics resemble mine, or have I adapted my own to express admiration? – but it all comes to the same thing, really.

I follow quite a few bloggers (see blogroll), but three stand out as the ones whose posts I anticipate the most, whose photos I squirrel away in a special folder in my hard drive: Andreea at Thrill of the Heel, Rebecca at Winnipeg Style, and Amy at Amy Flying a Kite. As I browse their photos and note the ones I’ve bookmarked, my own style becomes a little more evident. Most of their outfits aren’t just things I admire from a distance, they’re things I would absolutely, unequivocally, and immediately wear.

Brought to you by my lack of inspiration and totally transparent fishing for pageviews: yet another inspirations post.

awesome leopard print thrill of the heel

Source. I’m starting to appreciate leopard print in the right context. And I’m mad about the paper-bag waist and the skirt’s overall texture.


Source. Are you even a little bit surprised? Really?

insect dress amy flying a kite

Source. Simplicity done superbly.

Both Amy and Rebecca have impeccable shoe collections. I cling hawkishly to my beloved Miz Mooz and pretend I’m getting there. I couldn’t wear heels for years due to a bone defect, and now that I’m growing out of it, I’m loving the new sartorial facet finally open to me.



necklaces thrill of the heel


petal coat amy flying a kite   petal coat amy flying a kite II

Source. Amy has the most exquisite pieces. All these girls can put together a damn solid ensemble, but Amy’s individual pieces are always of incredible quality.



purple midi thrill of the heel

Source. Love dressy + casual.

shirtdress amy flying a kite



Source. I wrote in my okCupid profile that I dress like a “crackhead society dame”. If you ask me, Rebecca is the grandest of the crackhead society dames. (And I mean that in the lovingest way.)

floral pants thrill of the heel

Source. I predict that my spring 2013 aesthetic will be heavily informed by billowy printed pants. The black harem pants I got in October have made me crave the slouchy.

circle skirt amy flying a kite

Source. Knotting shirts at the waist is something I used to do far more often. I did it exclusively with men’s oversized shirts, but something more feminine could be fun too.


Source. I mentioned Rebecca’s shoe collection, right? Case in goddamn point.

Also, this is one of the coolest skirts I’ve seen lately.

polka dots thrill of the heel

Source. The overall shape of the outfit is a bit out of character for me, but the elements and colors are not. It reminds me of Tania from Never Dreamed about This.

THOSE SHOES amy flying a kite



Source. I might accessorize this a little less uniformly, but I love the idea of a flamboyantly printed suit. I wish mock trial were a less conservative endeavor. (After my next scrimmage, I’ll post pics of myself all lawyered up in my pinstripes.)

wool skirt

Source. I’ve never liked flannel or most plaids. That said, this is probably the best example of a sleek rendition thereof that I’ve ever seen.

There’s a wool skirt very much like this at Old Gold. I’m hoping my drool stains will wash out of it.

fuzzy amy flying a kite

Source. For a while, Old Gold had a jacket like this, only brighter. I didn’t jump at the time, and now it’s gone.



all black thrill of the heel


doughnut amy flying a kite



Source. Like less offensive Hell Bunny.

polka dotted skirt thrill of the heel


bikini amy flying a kite




this sweater literally belonged to my grandfather

My mother bought it for him. She got it back when he died, and now it lives with me. It makes me sweat when the mercury climbs over 30 F, so it’s for the coldest days only.

old man I

The jewelry makes it pleasantly bohemian.

old man II

old man III

old man IV

old man V

Essence of rockabilly.

old man VI

old man VII

old man VIII

old man IX

old man X

old man XI

old man XII

My roommate’s hula hoop.


The problem with this outfit is that it’s very much a standalone. A hat, a scarf, or more than minimal jewelry shifts the focus from the statement pieces and distracts the eye. It’s nice for such a cold day, but it really needs some workshopping.

Sweater: Handed down from Grandpa Pants & Jewelry: Christmas Boots: Handed down from Mom

For Lisle.

next stop: floppy hat

I’m having a very pleasant Saturday. I’m currently chilling on campus in an empty classroom listening to my buddy Lisle’s bro-rock playlist. (If you knew Lisle, you’d understand why the term “buddy” is the principally applicable one.) There’s a mock trial team party tonight, and I can’t decide what to wear. I’ll present my two options – both variations on the same general theme, but still distinct – and you people can decide for me.

boho III

boho V

boho IV

boho VI

I spent the last of my Old Gold gift card on this skirt. It’s my favorite kind of garment: proper vintage and showing its age. The fly is stiff and barely zips. The fabric feels about ready to liquefy.

Here’s the more muted variation. Inspiration blatantly sourced from Amy Flying a Kite, who’s one of my favorites. This seems like something she would appreciate.

boho VIII

boho VII

boho IX

boho X

boho XI

boho XII

Vote in the comments!

Skirt: Old Gold Vest & Red Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Purple Blouse: Bella Boutique Shoes: Stella Mae Prayer Beads & Tights: Christmas Chunky Necklace: Handed down from Mom

one skull is not enough for me

I found this outfit particularly photogenic, so there’ll be quite a picdump today.

preppy goth I

My sartorial existence is a petulant, protracted war between elegance and kook. Half of me craves pumps and shirtwaists and vintage blazers; the other half is a straight-up Claudia Kishi groupie. It’s a pleasant day when I can combine my impulses. Today is a pleasant day.

preppy goth II

This marvelous skull blouse will be getting its own post, mark my words. I’ve had one planned since I got it, but then January had to bluster in and make sheer blouses laughably impractical.

preppy goth III

preppy goth IV

I dig the blue nails (or the stumps I try to pass off as nails) with this palette.

preppy goth VI

I think I might gather the sweater’s hem. I’ve never been a fan of A-line tops. It’s a slippery slope to muumuus (which – full disclosure – I would totally wear. But I can’t pass up the opportunity for snark.). Anyway, I prefer the hem like this, gathered and raised. I like seeing the blouse at all four corners, and I think more fitted hems flatter my hips.

preppy goth VII

At first I was kind of disappointed that the skulls have hearts for eyes. It’s a little too Hot Topic babybat for me. But then I started thinking about what it would be like if humans had actual heart-shaped eye sockets, and that was so cool it made up for everything.

I really love eyeballs.

preppy goth VIII

When it’s a little warmer (read: more than 10 degrees), I’ll try this combination with loose black pants tucked into cowboy boots. I like the idea of being loose and airy but more or less monochromatic. Until the cold unsnaps, though, I can’t imagine anything but jeans.

preppy goth IX

preppy goth X

preppy goth XI

preppy goth XII

I’m really on the fence about this scarf as an addition. I think I could do better (and I think the look would be best without a scarf at all, honestly). That said, the scarf looks quite nice with the hat and coat I wore today, so it was a decent compromise.

Also, it’s fucking cold.

preppy goth XIII   preppy goth XIV

This isn’t really a hat outfit, but today warmth called me louder than aesthetics. Not sure which one I prefer. I went with the red, to give my coat some flair, but I prefer the grey with the scarf.

preppy goth XV   preppy goth XVI

I LOVE the coat and scarf together. I feel like an adult Eloise.

Sweater, Blouse, & Necklaces: Christmas Jeans: Battery Street Boots: Handed down from Mom Scarf: Some tourist shop when I was a senior in high school Coat & Grey Hat: Old Gold Red Hat: Gifted

my shadow looks like minnie mouse

bow VI

I like going duochromatic from neck to toe and totally breaking tradition on my head.

bow IV

bow II

bow III

bow VII

bow VIII

bow IX

bow X

bow XI

bow XII

A guy in my Interpretation of Religion class complimented my style.

Bow, Skirt, & Coat: Old Gold Top: Plato’s Closet Boots: Hand-me-down Orange Necklace: Boutique in Maine Tights & Spider Necklace: Christmas

I’m having a rock-ballad phase. (Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a great movie, by the way. I think y’all have seen the poster in my room.)