tutu 2.0 (now 37% less gaudy)

Yar, here be life decisions. I promise: just wade through a few paragraphs and you’ll get some pretty pictures.

I’ll finish my sophomore year of college in May. I’ve been studying religion and Latin, but despite the fun I’ve had, I always knew that University of Vermont wasn’t really where I wanted to be. It was my safety, and I’m an in-state student, using the school as a metaphorical holding tank until I found something better. I’ve always known I needed to do something macabre with my life. Every career I’ve ever aspired to has been pretty dang morbid: criminal psychologist, prison guard (hey, I thought I’d end up a lot taller than I am now), FBI agent. I’m very comfortable in the underbelly of the world, and someone has to work there.

Long story short, I’ve decided to apply to the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in New York City. I originally had my eye on Chicago (which fell through for reasons I won’t go into), or Montreal, but New York is an excellent alternative. I badly need the pulse of a city, and I’m tapping into it a little with this outfit. Consider it practice for living in New York.

I reworked the tutu outfit from last month. It was altogether too busy. I should really let a piece like this stand more or less alone. This time, I went with a few broad blocks of color and kept smaller details to a minimum. The forgiving sweater and smooth jacket also streamline the outfit quite a bit. The leather jacket kept things too bulky; tutus demand flow.

Inspiration courtesy of Franceta Johnson.

tutu II

tutu III

tutu IV

tutu V

tutu VI

tutu VII

tutu VIII

tutu IX

tutu X

Sweater & Jacket: Battery Street Jeans Tutu: Old Gold Tights: Wild Mountain Thyme Shoes: Stella Mae

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