i’ve always wanted a tarantula

It’s true; I have. I can’t commit to caring for one at this point in my life, so I’ll make do with a shiny metallic equivalent. (Maybe I’ll get one when I move to New York for mortician school. Let’s see how many stereotypes I can fulfill, shall we?)

I took these pictures immediately after coming in from the wind and soft rain. My hair looks the way I wish it always would.

pink pants II

pink pants I

pink pants III

Here’s an example of how a mature coat can look simple and youthful. An interesting contrast to yesterday’s permutation.

I really like outerwear as the centerpiece of an outfit.

pink pants IV

pink pants V

pink pants VI

I like my face here. I feel all spunky and devil-may-care.

Coat: Old Gold Pants & Spider Necklace: Christmas Orange Necklace: Boutique in Maine Boots: Handed down from Mom

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