one skull is not enough for me

I found this outfit particularly photogenic, so there’ll be quite a picdump today.

preppy goth I

My sartorial existence is a petulant, protracted war between elegance and kook. Half of me craves pumps and shirtwaists and vintage blazers; the other half is a straight-up Claudia Kishi groupie. It’s a pleasant day when I can combine my impulses. Today is a pleasant day.

preppy goth II

This marvelous skull blouse will be getting its own post, mark my words. I’ve had one planned since I got it, but then January had to bluster in and make sheer blouses laughably impractical.

preppy goth III

preppy goth IV

I dig the blue nails (or the stumps I try to pass off as nails) with this palette.

preppy goth VI

I think I might gather the sweater’s hem. I’ve never been a fan of A-line tops. It’s a slippery slope to muumuus (which – full disclosure – I would totally wear. But I can’t pass up the opportunity for snark.). Anyway, I prefer the hem like this, gathered and raised. I like seeing the blouse at all four corners, and I think more fitted hems flatter my hips.

preppy goth VII

At first I was kind of disappointed that the skulls have hearts for eyes. It’s a little too Hot Topic babybat for me. But then I started thinking about what it would be like if humans had actual heart-shaped eye sockets, and that was so cool it made up for everything.

I really love eyeballs.

preppy goth VIII

When it’s a little warmer (read: more than 10 degrees), I’ll try this combination with loose black pants tucked into cowboy boots. I like the idea of being loose and airy but more or less monochromatic. Until the cold unsnaps, though, I can’t imagine anything but jeans.

preppy goth IX

preppy goth X

preppy goth XI

preppy goth XII

I’m really on the fence about this scarf as an addition. I think I could do better (and I think the look would be best without a scarf at all, honestly). That said, the scarf looks quite nice with the hat and coat I wore today, so it was a decent compromise.

Also, it’s fucking cold.

preppy goth XIII   preppy goth XIV

This isn’t really a hat outfit, but today warmth called me louder than aesthetics. Not sure which one I prefer. I went with the red, to give my coat some flair, but I prefer the grey with the scarf.

preppy goth XV   preppy goth XVI

I LOVE the coat and scarf together. I feel like an adult Eloise.

Sweater, Blouse, & Necklaces: Christmas Jeans: Battery Street Boots: Handed down from Mom Scarf: Some tourist shop when I was a senior in high school Coat & Grey Hat: Old Gold Red Hat: Gifted

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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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