we all like to think we’re not predictable (we’re all wrong)

It’s funny how transparently my influences evince themselves in my style. I puzzle over whether that’s nature or nurture – am I drawn to those whose aesthetics resemble mine, or have I adapted my own to express admiration? – but it all comes to the same thing, really.

I follow quite a few bloggers (see blogroll), but three stand out as the ones whose posts I anticipate the most, whose photos I squirrel away in a special folder in my hard drive: Andreea at Thrill of the Heel, Rebecca at Winnipeg Style, and Amy at Amy Flying a Kite. As I browse their photos and note the ones I’ve bookmarked, my own style becomes a little more evident. Most of their outfits aren’t just things I admire from a distance, they’re things I would absolutely, unequivocally, and immediately wear.

Brought to you by my lack of inspiration and totally transparent fishing for pageviews: yet another inspirations post.

awesome leopard print thrill of the heel

Source. I’m starting to appreciate leopard print in the right context. And I’m mad about the paper-bag waist and the skirt’s overall texture.


Source. Are you even a little bit surprised? Really?

insect dress amy flying a kite

Source. Simplicity done superbly.

Both Amy and Rebecca have impeccable shoe collections. I cling hawkishly to my beloved Miz Mooz and pretend I’m getting there. I couldn’t wear heels for years due to a bone defect, and now that I’m growing out of it, I’m loving the new sartorial facet finally open to me.



necklaces thrill of the heel


petal coat amy flying a kite   petal coat amy flying a kite II

Source. Amy has the most exquisite pieces. All these girls can put together a damn solid ensemble, but Amy’s individual pieces are always of incredible quality.



purple midi thrill of the heel

Source. Love dressy + casual.

shirtdress amy flying a kite



Source. I wrote in my okCupid profile that I dress like a “crackhead society dame”. If you ask me, Rebecca is the grandest of the crackhead society dames. (And I mean that in the lovingest way.)

floral pants thrill of the heel

Source. I predict that my spring 2013 aesthetic will be heavily informed by billowy printed pants. The black harem pants I got in October have made me crave the slouchy.

circle skirt amy flying a kite

Source. Knotting shirts at the waist is something I used to do far more often. I did it exclusively with men’s oversized shirts, but something more feminine could be fun too.


Source. I mentioned Rebecca’s shoe collection, right? Case in goddamn point.

Also, this is one of the coolest skirts I’ve seen lately.

polka dots thrill of the heel

Source. The overall shape of the outfit is a bit out of character for me, but the elements and colors are not. It reminds me of Tania from Never Dreamed about This.

THOSE SHOES amy flying a kite



Source. I might accessorize this a little less uniformly, but I love the idea of a flamboyantly printed suit. I wish mock trial were a less conservative endeavor. (After my next scrimmage, I’ll post pics of myself all lawyered up in my pinstripes.)

wool skirt

Source. I’ve never liked flannel or most plaids. That said, this is probably the best example of a sleek rendition thereof that I’ve ever seen.

There’s a wool skirt very much like this at Old Gold. I’m hoping my drool stains will wash out of it.

fuzzy amy flying a kite

Source. For a while, Old Gold had a jacket like this, only brighter. I didn’t jump at the time, and now it’s gone.



all black thrill of the heel


doughnut amy flying a kite



Source. Like less offensive Hell Bunny.

polka dotted skirt thrill of the heel


bikini amy flying a kite




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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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