ditching my office job to go clubbing

I’m refusing to acknowledge the fact that mock trial is over (we didn’t place at regionals), and that, by virtue of transferring this fall, I’ll never do it again. So I’m repurposing my suit jacket toward more flamboyant ends (and channeling Nadia and Arabelle in the process).

business V

The crop top (in winter – look who’s walking on the [sad, stilted] wild side) balances out the sedate blazer. I really like the lines of this outfit. The stripe of belly complements the skirt’s wide waistband, and the vertical stripes complement them both.

business IX

business III

business IV

business VI

business VII

business IX

business XI

business XII

The perfect accessory would be a big ol’ cup of coffee. Too bad I don’t touch the stuff. Caffeine does not agree with me.

business XIII

business XIV

business XV

business XVI

business I

I’m going to try to get a job as a high school mock trial coach when I move to New York. My high school didn’t have a team, but a lot of bigger schools do, and I’d like to think my mocking career doesn’t have to end when I transfer.

Blazer (part of a suit): Dirt Chic Crop Top: Charlotte Russe Skirt: Old Gold Shoes: Danform Scarf: Battery Street Jeans Necklace and Tights: Gifted


I first heard this song in Old Gold.


  1. I participated in one mock trial in High School, I was one of the defense lawyers… and I’m pretty sure my ‘client’ ended up being charged with murder and was sent away for life… opps! I really love this skirt on you though and the crop top is actually really perfect in this instance.

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