we clean up pretty damn nice

Last night was UVM’s Winter Ball. For an event hosted at the Hilton, featuring a cash bar (in which I sadly could not legally partake), it was surprisingly … promlike. Hardly a bastion of sophistication. But it was fun for what it was, and I got to play Honorary Senior. I may not be graduating, but this is my last semester at UVM.

I went with a girlfriend. Everyone thinks this particular girlfriend and I are lesbians anyway, so we occasionally go on “dates” to keep ’em guessing. It’s kind of hard to maintain a poker face while calling each other “babe”, though.

Yes, I did just go out of my way to avoid saying “straight face”.

formal I

in which I weep for our generation and its utter reliance on memes

formal II

formal III

Cassie looks EXACTLY like Overly Attached Girlfriend.

formal IV

“Formal”, to me, means all-out Olde Hollywood. My male equivalent would wear a top hat and tails. (I almost wore a top hat myself, but decided not to mess with my hair.) It was strange to see girls last night in outfits I’d wear on a daily basis.

This was my first-ever super-formal dress. Before I got it, I’d worn your typical eighth-grade-dance Deb numbers. I got it for my fifteenth birthday, and my mom boasted that she’d paid a dollar for it at a vintage shop. I’m indirectly quite proud of that.

formal V

I don’t have many pictures of these heels, mostly because I wanted them off as quickly as possible. They’re six inches high and oozing potential bunions. I borrowed them from my mother for the occasion; I would never purchase such monstrosities myself.

formal VI

I told Cassie the fashion-blogging community would love her shoes. Prove me right.

formal VII

formal VIII

formal IX

formal XI

formal XII

formal XIII

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m wearing makeup. For real. It’s on the rarest of occasions that I wear anything but lipstick. Here, though, I’m wearing blush and eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil. It makes me feel lovely, though it’s too much trouble to bother with every day.

Also, I’ve always had a weird fear about makeup. I suspect that wearing it every day would breed cognitive dissonance: my adorned face would become my mental default, and I would no longer recognize the naked one as my own.

formal XIV

formal XV

formal XVI

Dress: The Classy Closet Shawl, Necklace, & Tights: Gifted Shoes: Borrowed from Mom


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

5 thoughts on “we clean up pretty damn nice”

  1. Your makeup fear actually happened to me – I feel naked without a full face (and enough eyeliner for three people) on. I just happen not to have a problem with it 😛 Your belt is excellent, is it part of the dress?

    1. It is! That dress was a hell of a find.

      How do you feel about other people seeing you without makeup? I’d be worried about not being able to comfortably wake up with my significant other, for instance.

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