someone stole my colors. send help.

I got this jacket at Old Gold’s $10-per-bag sale. I’m pretty damn sure it was originally part of an Air Force costume. I admit it doesn’t photograph too well, but I like how strict it looks, how clean the lines are. I feel like a dominatrix. I accentuated its spare, futuristic look with black and white. My work here is done if you feel like you’re seeing me through a rather trippy dream.

white jacket VIII

white jacket I

white jacket II

white jacket IV

white jacket V

white jacket VI

I need to stop wearing these grey tights every single day.

white jacket VII

white jacket IX

white jacket X

Jacket: Old Gold Scarf, Tights, & Hat: Gifted Skirt: Richmond Food Shelf Thrift Store Boots: Handed down from Mom


Once again, I need a haircut. It grows hella fast: it’s already back to the length I chopped it from roughly seven weeks ago. I do love the pigtails this particular cut enables, but I can’t wear pigtails every day. What do y’all think of this cut?

i want hair like this

4 Comments Add yours

  1. a student says:

    Youuuu should think about maybe spacing out that list of items you put at the bottom of each post. It’s always so hard to read!

    1. skye says:

      That’s what I get for trying to be all stylized ‘n’ shit!

  2. Marisa says:

    It’s such an bold and structured piece – and I love how you paired it with something softer like the skirt. Very cool and chic 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    Such a great jacket and at such a good deal makes it even better! Love the hat you added too!

    P.S. Love the hairstyle!


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