we clean up pretty damn nice

Last night was UVM’s Winter Ball. For an event hosted at the Hilton, featuring a cash bar (in which I sadly could not legally partake), it was surprisingly … promlike. Hardly a bastion of sophistication. But it was fun for what it was, and I got to play Honorary Senior. I may not be graduating, but this is my last semester at UVM.

I went with a girlfriend. Everyone thinks this particular girlfriend and I are lesbians anyway, so we occasionally go on “dates” to keep ’em guessing. It’s kind of hard to maintain a poker face while calling each other “babe”, though.

Yes, I did just go out of my way to avoid saying “straight face”.

formal I

in which I weep for our generation and its utter reliance on memes

formal II

formal III

Cassie looks EXACTLY like Overly Attached Girlfriend.

formal IV

“Formal”, to me, means all-out Olde Hollywood. My male equivalent would wear a top hat and tails. (I almost wore a top hat myself, but decided not to mess with my hair.) It was strange to see girls last night in outfits I’d wear on a daily basis.

This was my first-ever super-formal dress. Before I got it, I’d worn your typical eighth-grade-dance Deb numbers. I got it for my fifteenth birthday, and my mom boasted that she’d paid a dollar for it at a vintage shop. I’m indirectly quite proud of that.

formal V

I don’t have many pictures of these heels, mostly because I wanted them off as quickly as possible. They’re six inches high and oozing potential bunions. I borrowed them from my mother for the occasion; I would never purchase such monstrosities myself.

formal VI

I told Cassie the fashion-blogging community would love her shoes. Prove me right.

formal VII

formal VIII

formal IX

formal XI

formal XII

formal XIII

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m wearing makeup. For real. It’s on the rarest of occasions that I wear anything but lipstick. Here, though, I’m wearing blush and eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil. It makes me feel lovely, though it’s too much trouble to bother with every day.

Also, I’ve always had a weird fear about makeup. I suspect that wearing it every day would breed cognitive dissonance: my adorned face would become my mental default, and I would no longer recognize the naked one as my own.

formal XIV

formal XV

formal XVI

Dress: The Classy Closet Shawl, Necklace, & Tights: Gifted Shoes: Borrowed from Mom


shamelessly appropriating nerd culture

Okay, I spoke too soon. I got dressed anyway. I felt up to meeting a friend for dinner, and I decided to look presentable. So you get some pictures.

I’m really not what you would consider a geek or a nerd. Sure, I qualify in the broader sense of showing considerable commitment to certain interests (hello, I love fashion so much I can’t go two days without blogging about it), but I don’t care for science fiction, STEM fields, or much of “nerd culture” as it’s commonly constructed. I don’t like tumblr, anime, or Doctor Who. This is a lot of blather and rigmarole to explain why I don’t really fit into the “skinny jeans and graphic tee” demographic. But one of my New Year’s resolutions (lame as this is about to sound) was to wear pants occasionally. And I think I’ve made this look sufficiently my own, though it’s probably only a matter of time before I’m playing Pokemon and snidely remarking* that I’m “sooo different from other girls”.

squid I

squid II

I’ve realized I basically have Lena Dunham hair. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, she’s not exactly the epitome of fashionable. On the other, I watch Girls religiously. I can work with this knowledge, I think.

squid III

The scarf’s pattern reminds me of squid eyes. (Seriously, have you seen squid eyes? You could petrify one and use it as a bowling ball. I really love eyeballs. When I was six, I got a squishy plastic eyeball at Disney world and carried it everywhere until I lost it. And this dress is on my birthday list.)

squid IV

The chunky beads parallel the shirt’s pixelated print.

squid V

squid VI

squid VII

squid VIII

squid IX

I really like the shape of my lips.

squid X

squid XI

squid XII

squid XIII

Jacket: Handed down from neighbor Boots: Handed down from Mom Pants, Necklaces, & Bracelet: Gifted Cardigan & Scarf: Battery Street Jeans T-Shirt: New Duds (a local designer)


*I hardly think any woman is obligated to be like any other woman. Pursuit of individual ends is awesome. It informs my kind of feminism more than anything else. That said, the “I’m not like other girls!” shtick is my least favorite part of nerd culture. It reduces these mythical “other girls” to a 1950s strawman(woman?). It’s not like you’re the only girl in the world not wearing makeup and pining for boys all day. Real people are more complex than that. Enjoying video games doesn’t make you the specialest snowflake ever to walk the planet.


This is one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite YouTube channels. It always reminds me of my friend Hailey, who is vintage through and through. I’ve been wheedling her to do a guest post.

limping my way up the corporate ladder

No pretty pictures today. My body feels steamrolled, and I haven’t made it out of bed yet, let alone gotten dressed. This is a housekeeping-type post: I’m here to share two bits of news with y’all.

First, I started a blog store! I finally took a cue from Kristina and Nadia (and, let’s face it, pretty much every other fashion blogger – I’m always a little behind the times) and bridged that particular horizon. I’m unlikely to be selling clothes I’ve worn on the blog – I guard my favorite pieces pretty hawkishly – but there’ll be plenty of older things I haven’t worn much. I’ll put it in my blogroll, so you’ll have no excuse not to check it every goddamn day.

Second, I am going to be in a fashion show. A legitimate-as-all-get-out fashion show, sponsored dually by UVM’s Fashion Club and Black Student Union. I auditioned on a whim back in December without knowing it’s kind of a big deal: I’m now expected at four-hour practices every weekend and at several days of shows in mid-March. Here’s how big a deal this is: there are AFTERPARTIES. Sometimes it’s quite apparent exactly how much of a rube I am.

ditching my office job to go clubbing

I’m refusing to acknowledge the fact that mock trial is over (we didn’t place at regionals), and that, by virtue of transferring this fall, I’ll never do it again. So I’m repurposing my suit jacket toward more flamboyant ends (and channeling Nadia and Arabelle in the process).

business V

The crop top (in winter – look who’s walking on the [sad, stilted] wild side) balances out the sedate blazer. I really like the lines of this outfit. The stripe of belly complements the skirt’s wide waistband, and the vertical stripes complement them both.

business IX

business III

business IV

business VI

business VII

business IX

business XI

business XII

The perfect accessory would be a big ol’ cup of coffee. Too bad I don’t touch the stuff. Caffeine does not agree with me.

business XIII

business XIV

business XV

business XVI

business I

I’m going to try to get a job as a high school mock trial coach when I move to New York. My high school didn’t have a team, but a lot of bigger schools do, and I’d like to think my mocking career doesn’t have to end when I transfer.

Blazer (part of a suit): Dirt Chic Crop Top: Charlotte Russe Skirt: Old Gold Shoes: Danform Scarf: Battery Street Jeans Necklace and Tights: Gifted


I first heard this song in Old Gold.

i promise i won’t jump

I finally got back some modeling shots I took at Red Rocks Park back in September.

Copyright Philip Davidian 2012.

rocks I

I’m not a big fan of this outfit. The day I took these photographs boasted weird in-between weather, and I was trying to stay warm and cool at the same time. Early fall is my least favorite time for fashion.

rocks IX

rocks XIII

rocks XV

I FINALLY have my computer back! Outfit posts to come soon.