lenten lolita

This post is a shiny plastic dedication to Rebecca at Winnipeg Style, whose aesthetic is informing mine today. She’s impeccable at pastels with plastic mod accessories, which I’d wanted to try for a while.

I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but I never miss the chance to embody a holiday. Just pretend my bow is a set of bunny ears and my fingernails are lacquered edibles. Any and all egg puns are welcome. I wish I hadn’t left my bonnet at home over spring break.

I present to you my thoroughly queered Easter ensemble. (I keep getting the urge to use “queer” as a verb. My case of postmodernism is serious, you guys. Somebody – 5 CCs of objectivism, stat!)

Seriously, though. I really love highly stylized takes on traditional attire. There’s something deliberate and controlled about it.

laura ashley V

I got a straight-up vintage Laura Ashley dress for $10 at Classy Closet. (Did anyone else grow up reading the Baby-Sitters Club? Remember how Laura Ashley was the absolute height of preteen chic? [By the way, if you did read them, you should read my parodies on LiveJournal. There’s a surprisingly thriving mock-your-childhood-favorites community there.])

laura ashley IV

laura ashley II

laura ashley III

laura ashley XIX

laura ashley XX

laura ashley XVIII

laura ashley VIII

It has a pocket!

laura ashley IX

laura ashley X

laura ashley XVI

laura ashley XVII

laura ashley XI

Pink and white is a really underrated combination. It’s not just for infants and Lolicons.

laura ashley XII

laura ashley XIII

Dramatic floor-length dresses are thoroughly impractical for Vermont. One of the many, many reasons I’m looking forward to New York

Dress: Classy Closet Coat: Richmond Food Shelf & Thrift Store Belt, Bow, Boots, & Necklace: Old Gold

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “lenten lolita”

  1. I am so happy that I inspired your outfit!! Really this makes my day! 🙂 The way you styled this Laura Ashley dress with the belt is fantastic and the bow headband is perfect! I totally grew up with the babysitters club books and I still have a pair of Laura Ashley rainboots!


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