bete coloree

Today in emulation: Bebe Zeva of Fated to be Hated. Bright colors, tight silhouettes, and almost-clashing prints. A little too much, but in a way that invites luxury rather than straight-up gluttony.

skeleton sweater IV

skeleton sweater I

skeleton sweater II

skeleton sweater III

I bought this sweater in New York City a few weeks ago. It was practically made for me.

skeleton sweater V

I’ve owned this skirt since I was 17, but didn’t really have the ass to fill it out until fairly recently.

skeleton sweater VI

skeleton sweater VII

skeleton sweater VIII

skeleton sweater IX

skeleton sweater XII

skeleton sweater XIII

Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Skirt & Bow: Old Gold Tights & Spider Necklace: Gifted Ring: Chatham Caravan Boots: Handed down from Mom Sweater: Boutique in New York Orange Necklace: Boutique in Maine

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