coveting, thy name is skye

I think I need a day to recover from Spectacle of Sin before I can get around to editing/posting any pics. Never have I known a better kind of exhaustion.

There’s a folder on my computer full of fashion images I find interesting or inspirational or just plain gawgeous. In the moment, I like to believe they’re truly random, that my taste is as arbitrary and eclectic as can be, but looking at them all together brings out surprising patterns. I wasn’t aware, for instance, that I liked feather print as much as it appears I do.

Here’s a roundup of what I’m interested in lately. My current primary aesthetic is stylized, controlled hyperfeminin(inininin)ity. Prim and starched up the wazoo. I try to maintain a sense of variety for the blog, but on the days I don’t post, I’m usually wearing outfits like this.

In this post: blazers, florals, and the moddest tights you’ve ever seen.

awesome bun mess in my closet

I had hair down to my waist until shortly before I graduated from high school. No regrets, but I do miss the elaborate buns I used to construct. Source

blue dress shades of monet

I’m a huge fan of print/texture mixing as long as it’s tightly controlled and works within a general theme, which Marisa does very well. Source

blue skirt thrill of the heel


bosch leggings ravishingly


closet vixen vintage

Yes, this is homegirl’s actual closet. Unf. Source

color chart

Colors-by-skin-tone chart from 1941. Source

fascinator ruby armoire


eye dress scathingly brilliant

I prefer this one, but this ain’t a bad take. Source

feather dress vixen vintage

What’d I tell you about feather print? Source

floral blazer modstylists


floral dress delightfully tacky

For some reason, this reminds me of Amelia Bedelia. Source

Yellow tights are great. I’m seeing them everywhere lately. I think my skin’s a little too sallow for me to pull them off properly, though, so I’m content to leave them to others.

floral hair ruby armoire

Some mornings I can barely manage to brush my hair. Source

floral vixen vintage

This looks quite a bit like my prom dress. Source

I don’t even like flowers all that much! I can take or leave their actual carbon forms. For some ungodly reason, though, their textile equivalents make me swoon.

galaxy skirt shades of monet


giraffe bracelet zero style


I’d like a two-headed giraffe.

gold skull karla's closet


hold me tights diva na urlopie


jumper calivintage


peacock shirt vixen vintage


peacock tights shades of monet


blue petticoat vixen vintage


just gaudy enough calivintage


polka-dot dress joyful fox


religion sweater mess in my closet


rip headband zero style


This girl used to work in a funeral home. I never thought I’d see another intersection of fashion and funerary science!

that skirt scathingly brilliant


those shoes delightfully tacky

dem shoes Source

turban vixen vintage


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “coveting, thy name is skye”

  1. The golden peacock-feather skirt needs to be in my closet. To be worn with a black leather motorcycle jacket and knee-high buckled boots.

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