feast of fools

I was happy with this title until I realized it could be interpreted as mocking Passover. This is my official disclaimer.

I’ve taken lately to emulating my favorite bloggers. Rebecca, Marisa, Rachel, and Bebe. Today I’ve decided to turn my eye for parody and mimicry on my very own self. I like to think of this outfit as a caricature of my personal style: high femininity, ’60s silhouettes, and aggressive brights.

Basically, I’m a circus.

circus VIII

This jacket. Dear Lucifer, this jacket. I got two of them (one in magenta) for $11 this weekend at Macy’s, with a gift card I’d forgotten I had. Marked down from $100 each. I’ve never actually owned a hip-length peacoat before; my wardrobe, for all its tacky glory, has always been surprisingly lacking in staples. I didn’t own leggings or yoga pants until a year ago; I still don’t own a sweatshirt. I’m thrilled that I found such a psychedelic rendition of what could’ve been a boring basic.

circus I

circus II

I’ve owned this blouse for a year and worn it maybe once. I ripped it the first time I wore it out, and I only just got around to fixing it this morning.

circus III

circus IV

circus V

circus VII

circus IX

circus VI

Here’s to not looking like a tourist in the Big Bad Apple!

circus X

circus XI

circus XII

Jacket: Macy’s Skirt & Necklace: Old Gold Blouse & Belt: Battery Street Jeans Shoes: Danform Hat & Tights: Gifted

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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