crackhead society dame

…is how I’ve come to define my style. Upscale but thoroughly queered. Fancy but freaky.

This outfit is a little gothier than I’ve been into lately, but I like how it came together. This is what happens when I give my thoroughly steampunk boyfriend a say in my ensembles.

gothy IX

gothy VI

gothy VIII

gothy VII

gothy V

gothy IV

gothy II

gothy X

gothy XI

gothy XII

gothy XIII

gothy XIV

I found these tights in a ball under my desk this morning. I can’t believe I’d gone without them for so long!

gothy XV

gothy XVI

Bustier: Charlotte Russe Skirt: Goodwill Jacket: Downtown Threads Brooch & Necklaces: Old Gold Shoes: Dirt Chic Gloves: Gifted Tights: Found

josh and skye

Bonus shitty cell-phone mirror shot of Boyfriend and me. We clean up nice.

look ma, no hat

“You look like a fae,” my boyfriend told me this morning. I’m all about that. I feel terribly mischievous today. Spring is second only to autumn in terms of the bubbly excitement it gives me deep in my stomach.

Or maybe it’s just the Fluoxetine.

I don’t think I care.

fae II

fae III

fae IV

fae I

My hairs! I’m in love with this cut.

fae VI

fae V

fae VII

I’m proud of how this outfit came together. It’s just polished enough, I think. The dress is technically a skirt, but I really prefer it this way. The jacket is the only piece I own from Downtown Threads. Downtown Threads generally doesn’t suit my style; I am far more of a theater kid than a hippie. But I was pleasantly surprised by this jacket.

fae VIII

fae X

This jacket reminds me of a medieval tapestry. The dress reminds me of butterfly wings.

Boyfriend and I saw a passel of girls wearing giant glittery butterfly wings out and about this afternoon.

fae IX

fae XI

fae XII

Dress & Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Jacket: Downtown Threads Belt: Old Gold Shoes: Danform Tights: Sox Market

I listen to a lot of Celtic Woman this time of year.

madame blavatsky

I took these photos this morning, but they’re already out of date. I got my hair cut very shortly afterward. It’s bouncy and wonderful and the last of the nasty bleached bits is FINALLY gone. Pictures soon!

“You look like a gypsy,” said my friend who works at the shop across the street where I get pizza every day. Preach it. I wish I had a crystal ball.

fortune teller VII

fortune teller II

fortune teller III

I keep trying to believe the fact that not only did this sweater and skirt not come as a set, I got them at two different thrift stores.

fortune teller IV

fortune teller VI

fortune teller VIII

fortune teller IX

fortune teller X

fortune teller XI

fortune teller XII

fortune teller XIII

Sweater & Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Turban & Necklace: Old Gold Skirt: Goodwill Tights: Sox Market Shoes: Danform

i’m a bad listener

So nobody liked this dress when I bought it. Jake, at least, was diplomatic when I came out of the dressing room: “Well, it’s your project, but I’m not feeling it.” The salesgirl was harsher: “If I see you wearing that downtown, I’m submitting your picture to People of Walmart.” The Old Gold salespeople know me well enough to tell me in no uncertain terms when they think I’m making a huge mistake, which I appreciate. But you know what? I loved this dress in the store, and I still love it now. I promised them I could rock it, and I’m confident in my ability to do so. The hat and the necklace give it a ’20s silhouette, but the colors are straight-up mod.

I’m a circus through and through, which is how I feel most myself.

rainbow III

rainbow I

rainbow V

rainbow IV

rainbow VI

rainbow VII

My hand is being subsumed into the rainbow.

rainbow VIII

rainbow IX

rainbow X

rainbow XI

rainbow XII

rainbow XIII

rainbow XIV

rainbow XV

rainbow XVI

Dress & Necklace: Old Gold Blazer: Dirt Chic Shoes: Danform Tights: Sox Market Hat: Gifted

I must’ve listened to this song fifty times in the past two days.


I’ve mentioned this a few times now: I’m a bona fide trypophobe. Though trypophobia isn’t yet recognized by the DSM folks, it’s experientially very real, at least according to my experiences. My heart positively races at the sight of tightly clustered holes. Raindrops beading up on car windows is by far the worst for me; I shut my eyes tight and hope I’ll be home soon. Not to put too Freudian a point on things, but I’m pretty sure the phobia stems from the dime-sized hives I sprouted on my thighs at age six, trumpeting my allergy to Amoxicillin. (And now I’m starting to feel the phantom welts. I’ll be in my ward.)

My love for polka-dotted clothes, then, is inexplicable even to me. By proper phobic standards, I shouldn’t even be able to look at them. I could get Freudian again on your collective ass and ham-fist some theory about my obsessive-compulsive superego attempting to impose order on my phobia…yeah, I have no idea. All I know is that polka dots on clothes are a strange and notable exception to my aversion. And that today marks my fourth polka-dotted outfit in as many days.

floral dots III

floral dots X

floral dots IX

floral dots IV

floral dots II

floral dots I

floral dots V

floral dots VI

floral dots VII

floral dots VIII

Dress: Charlotte Russe Blouse & Necklace: Old Gold Tights: Sox Market Hat & Shoes: Gifted

I really love medieval and Renaissance music, and this is a great little track.

“that redhead with the polka dots”

A friend of a friend referred to me by that very epithet yesterday. “Hey, Cassie, who’s that redhead with the polka dots I always see you with?” It’s nice to know I’ve got a buzz going, though it’s funny to consider how utterly distinctive I wouldn’t have been just a few decades ago. What was commonplace then is quirky now. In fifty years, skinny jeans and Ugg boots and bodycon dresses will be vintage.

omgdots I

omgdots III

Wearing pigtails every day, as you’ve perhaps noticed I have been, seems to have structured my hair into a natural flip. I can work with this.

I’m going to miss the pigtails when I get my hair cut (mostly) off in nine days.

omgdots IV

omgdots VI

omgdots VII

omgdots VIII

omgdots IX

omgdots X

I’m feeling like Solanah of Vixen Vintage today.

omgdots XI

omgdots XII

omgdots XIII

omgdots XIV

Skirt, Necklaces, Belt, & Bow: Old Gold Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Ring: Chatham Caravan Shoes: Gaiam

This song is srs bsns, you guys. It’s my favorite song on my favorite album by my favorite band.

the blogger hivemind and my inevitable submission

When I saw that Jessica of Midwest Muse was selling this fantastic skirt for a mere $5, I practically salivated. I’d admired it on her blog when it was initially posted, and I loved the idea of owning something initially rendered by a blogger I respect quite a bit. I jumped on it, and it came in the mail on Saturday.

midwest muse


blue dotted I

blue dotted II

I’m back to my cheery, artificial femininity. Feels right.

blue dotted IV

I thought that green nails might look kind of fungal, but I’m pleased with the result. (And, let’s face it, “fungal” isn’t exactly the worst thing for someone who loves skulls and eyeballs as much as I do.)

blue dotted V

blue dotted III

blue dotted VI

blue dotted VII

blue dotted VIII

My mom got me these twee little shoes this weekend!

blue dotted IX

blue dotted X

I tried on this vest on a whim, not at all expecting to like the result. I thought it might be a little too bohemian for the rest of the outfit, but I think the silhouette really works.

blue dotted XI

blue dotted XII

blue dotted XIII

blue dotted XIV

Dress & Belt: Midwest Muse Vest: Battery Street Jeans Necklace & Bow: Old Gold Shoes: Macy’s Tights: Gifted

dirty dancing

This is Marissa. She’s the sexiest Queer Prom date I could’ve asked for.

queer prom VIII

She’s way better at sexy kiss-blowing than I am.

queer prom I

queer prom II

I went with a ’50s-housewife aesthetic, but queered a little in honor of the occasion.

queer prom III

You guys. Our pearls match.

queer prom IV

queer prom V

She’s all srs bsns. And I clearly just struck that pose at the last second.

queer prom VI

She’s basically one of my favorite people ever. I hope it shows.

queer prom VII

queer prom IX

queer prom X

Her dress is from Battery Street; mine, from Old Gold.

queer prom XI

queer prom XII

Oh my.

queer prom XIII

queer prom XIV

It was so much fun being a lesbian for the night. I liked grinding on the dance floor with a lady more than I ever thought I would.

please slander me

Remember how lyrical I waxed about how much I love artifice and construction? Well, I’m nothing if not a huge hypocrite. This is an earth-tone day through and through. Brights hurt my eyes a little today. I think I’m still burned out from the glory that was this weekend (Queer Prom. ‘Nuff said. Pictures soon!).

That said, something about this outfit feels out of place to me. I like each individual piece, but the whole thing doesn’t pop. It hasn’t quite been kicked from “this is an objectively cute outfit” to “this is something only Skye would think to put together”. I want to be not just pretty but distinctive.

I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. I almost decided not to post, but I think it’s ultimately good for me to ask for constructive criticism instead of just posting combinations I already know I love. Please give me your impressions of today’s look!

earth tones IV

earth tones II

earth tones III

earth tones V

earth tones VI

earth tones VII

earth tones VIII

earth tones IX

earth tones X

earth tones XI

earth tones XII

earth tones XIII

earth tones XIV

earth tones XV

earth tones XVI

Dress & Blouse: Yard sale Cardigan: Battery Street Jeans Necklaces, Socks, Tights, Boots, & Hat: Gifted

slap me if i get too postmodern

I’m all about the hyperfeminine and the deliberately constructed. Lately I have little interest in outfits that appear haphazard or, shall we say, adventurously designed. I want strict and obvious artifice. “Appeal to nature” is a fallacy anyway. There seems to be this notion, not so much among fashionistas but among political and academic types, that socially constructed = bad. Everything that’s not 100% biological is a social construct in some way – and even wholly biological phenomena have to be articulated with language, another social construct.

“Fashion is an artifice,” critics tell me. Fake. Materialistic. “So what?” I invariably rejoin. The world is materialistic. One of my favorite things about fashion is its honesty about its materialism. High fashion refuses to pretend it’s not desperately trying to get itself noticed. There’s no self-effacing eye-batting, no murmurs of “oh, this old thing?” Fashion is upfront about being unnatural. Page through a photo spread, and you are entering a deliberately stylized world of pure imagination. The way something in the mind of an artist can create something that challenges or even overshadows the natural world – that’s magical.

There’s a fine line between art and insanity. I say this as someone with a mental illness. At the core of both is the concept of communicating something entirely new, something inherently unverifiable by empirical means.

I’m no longer content to combine various interesting pieces and hope the sum will do justice to the parts. I have to have a Theme. I have to be Constructed.So here you have it: my overbright, hyperfeminine homage to the unnatural.

pink and blue VI

pink and blue II

pink and blue III

pink and blue IV

pink and blue V

pink and blue VII

pink and blue VIII

pink and blue IX

pink and blue X

pink and blue XI

pink and blue XII

pink and blue XIII

Dress & Necklace: Old Gold Jacket: Macy’s Belt: Handed down from Mom Tights: Sox Market Shoes: Danform Tank Top: JCPenney