no rest for the wicked

I’ve been thoroughly addled on NyQuil. Bronchitis is a big ol’ nasty bitch. I’m hoping to get out of bed and do an outfit post tomorrow, but no promises.

Until then, enjoy my (more or less SFW) Spectacle of Sin pics, featuring my good friends Liam and Annika. (No cameras were allowed at the event itself, so you’ll have to be content with our pre-gaming shots.)

spectacle of sin XV

spectacle of sin I

spectacle of sin V

spectacle of sin VI

spectacle of sin VII

spectacle of sin XI

spectacle of sin XIII

Annika beckoning her minions…

spectacle of sin XIV

spectacle of sin XVI

Note our friend Lisle in the background. He didn’t attend, but he pre-gamed with us.

spectacle of sin XVII

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