i need more cocktail parties in my life

Sometimes I stumble into an outfit that’s a little formal even for me. I get a clear view of what I’ll look like in thirty years as a woman of a certain age, and I wish I had a better backdrop for my particular aesthetic than Studentville, Burlington. I want to throw box socials and tease my hair to secretarial proportions. Disable my okCupid account and get properly courted for once.

businesslike IV

businesslike II

businesslike III

businesslike V

businesslike VI

I can imagine wearing something like this to my first real funeral home internship.

businesslike VII

businesslike VIII

businesslike IX

businesslike X

Blouse & Skirt: Goodwill Necklace: Battery Street Jeans Shoes: Danform Turban & Belt: Old Gold Tights: Gifted

In honor of the fact that I saw Chicago on Saturday night:

MissBroadwayDork is my favorite YouTuber, hands-down.

1 Comment

  1. Such a pretty and unique combo of colors and prints – I’m really smitten with that little turban. The way the wind has been blowing here lately, I could use a piece like that for my head 🙂

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