hypnotizing you when i twirl

I’ve never really understood the draw of “lifestyle blogging”. Maybe that’s a function of the way my mind works: left-brained, compartmentalized, and rigidly logical. This blog is, and always has been, about Clothing. Sure, I insert the odd anecdote where it seems relevant or serves the point I’m trying to drive home with an outfit, but my personal life comes second to my designs. I’m firm about that: you’re never going to find me waxing emotional or taking pictures of my meals (okay, unless they’re ravioli I made from scratch, because come on). This ain’t Tumblr. That’s not the way I roll.

THAT SAID, I have been enjoying diversifying my posts lately. I try to dress the hell up in all aspects of my life, and I do love documenting my various costumes. Spectacle of Sin was great fun; so was Latin Day. This weekend, a friend and I are attending UVM’s Queer Prom. This, I suppose, is where the lifestyle bloggers and I strike a cautious truce: I admit it’s fun to let people in every once in a blue moon. I’m feeling expansive. It’s probably the Fluoxetine.

So I’m crowdsourcing. (Let’s see how many buzzwords I can use today, shall we?) What would y’all like to see from me? Specific outfits, photoshoot ideas, stories you’d like to hear? Anything I should give up? Please comment, or Facebook me, or astrally project yourself into my bathroom. Bonus points if you buy me a drink and tell me I’m pretty first.


Today’s outfit is the aesthetic manifestation of my refusal to admit that it is not summer and I am not strolling the maritime boardwalk with a creemee in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

nautical I

nautical II

nautical III

I like the effect of the necklace and the neckline. Reminds me of a ship’s porthole.

nautical IV

nautical VI

I love the surprise of these tights with the otherwise concisely themed outfit.

nautical VII

nautical VIII

nautical IX

nautical X

nautical XI

nautical XII

nautical XIII

nautical XIV

Dress & Belt: Handed down from Mom Blazer: Dirt Chic Necklace: Old Gold Tights: Urban Outfitters Shoes: Danform Hat: Gifted


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