please slander me

Remember how lyrical I waxed about how much I love artifice and construction? Well, I’m nothing if not a huge hypocrite. This is an earth-tone day through and through. Brights hurt my eyes a little today. I think I’m still burned out from the glory that was this weekend (Queer Prom. ‘Nuff said. Pictures soon!).

That said, something about this outfit feels out of place to me. I like each individual piece, but the whole thing doesn’t pop. It hasn’t quite been kicked from “this is an objectively cute outfit” to “this is something only Skye would think to put together”. I want to be not just pretty but distinctive.

I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong. I almost decided not to post, but I think it’s ultimately good for me to ask for constructive criticism instead of just posting combinations I already know I love. Please give me your impressions of today’s look!

earth tones IV

earth tones II

earth tones III

earth tones V

earth tones VI

earth tones VII

earth tones VIII

earth tones IX

earth tones X

earth tones XI

earth tones XII

earth tones XIII

earth tones XIV

earth tones XV

earth tones XVI

Dress & Blouse: Yard sale Cardigan: Battery Street Jeans Necklaces, Socks, Tights, Boots, & Hat: Gifted


  1. Cut the self-depracation crap, this outfit is adorable and so are you! I guess it isn’t as over-the-top as some of your usual looks, but i love it. Post prom pics!

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