crackhead society dame

…is how I’ve come to define my style. Upscale but thoroughly queered. Fancy but freaky.

This outfit is a little gothier than I’ve been into lately, but I like how it came together. This is what happens when I give my thoroughly steampunk boyfriend a say in my ensembles.

gothy IX

gothy VI

gothy VIII

gothy VII

gothy V

gothy IV

gothy II

gothy X

gothy XI

gothy XII

gothy XIII

gothy XIV

I found these tights in a ball under my desk this morning. I can’t believe I’d gone without them for so long!

gothy XV

gothy XVI

Bustier: Charlotte Russe Skirt: Goodwill Jacket: Downtown Threads Brooch & Necklaces: Old Gold Shoes: Dirt Chic Gloves: Gifted Tights: Found

josh and skye

Bonus shitty cell-phone mirror shot of Boyfriend and me. We clean up nice.

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