if you’re hallucinating, then we’re hallucinating in unison

I’ve officially broken my no-pants-ever streak.

I know. It’s hard for even me to believe.

pants II

pants IV

pants III


pants V

pants VI

pants VII

I wore these pants all the time in high school. I was also a lot skinnier in high school. The t&a I grew after graduation made me feel awkward in baggy clothes. My body’s found equilibrium, though. I no longer care much about “flattering” fits – I like interesting clothes, end of story. How they make my ass look is not a priority.

pants IX

pants X

pants XI

pants XII

These are the comfiest heels ever designed. I suspect Old Gold heels are made for drag queens: they’re supposed to support a man’s weight, so they fit my flat, enormous feet.

Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Pants, Shoes, Belt, & Pin: Old Gold Hat: Handed down from cousin

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