the creeper and her crawlies

It’s ninety-one degrees, and I’m lying in bed eating gummy bears and reading young-adult novels about witches the way good Osiris intended. Way too hot to put on anything but a bikini, so I’m bringing you another inspirations post. I haven’t done one in a while, and it’s always interesting to see how concrete my tastes are when I see all my favorite things at once. For example, I didn’t realize I was so into colorful brogues until I noticed that I’d bookmarked a good nine or ten posts featuring them.

bird of paradise lidia II


black lace lidia II


blue maxi lidia   maxi skirt lidia II


bug blouse dainty squid

About those crawlies… Source

cat shoes dainty squid

Dem brogues. I’m trying to track down a pair. Source

caterpillar pin dainty squid

I’m mad about this coat. Positively luscious color and cut. See more of it here. Also, caterpillars are my favorite animals.

denim shirt advanced style

Can’t wait to become an Advanced Style lady one day. Source

eye dress scathingly brilliant

Y’all know how I feel about eyeballs. This ain’t new. Source

eye ring dainty squid


eyeball collar dainty squid


floral necklace advanced style


floral shoes dainty squid


fuck you shoes tits and sass

These aren’t from a fashion blog; I spotted them on Tits and Sass, a wonderfully edifying blog about sex work and sex workers’ rights. They also remind me of my second-favorite fictional witch, Elphaba Thropp herself. (Maleficent will always come in at #1.)

galaxy skirt midwest muse


great shoes advanced style


egreat shoes dainty squid

Seriously, where does she find so many?! Source

green the sartorialist


handmade shoes dainty squid


orange puff bag advanced style

Inside me lives a garish harridan with lipstick angling past her lipline. My body’s about sixty years too young. Source

pink shoes II dainty squid

Seriously?! Source

silver bangles advanced style


snake ring dainty squid


striped dress dainty squid


striped dress midwest muse


titanic dress vixen vintage


watermelon necklace advanced style


pink dress karla's closet


map dress cherry blossom girl


creepy-doll dress mess in my closet

I’ll just leave this here. (NSFW).


Y’all sat through this, so here’s a little bonus: my new pumpkin friend!

pumpkin friend II

Oh, and as of last night, my hair is pink again. God, I’ve missed magenta so.

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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