barefoot and very much not pregnant

Last night Boyfriend and I had an art marathon, during which he made several steampunk weapons and I modified three blouses and a dress. Today’s post features the first of the modified blouses. I bought it several months ago for its potential (I do love fixer-upper clothes), but hadn’t gotten around to making it wearable until last night. The sleeves were utterly shapeless, so I cut them off and made a head scarf.

green dots VII

My favorite colors of late are bright pink and lime green.

green dots I

I decided not to hem the sleeves. I like them a little ragged.

green dots XV

I like the theme these photos suggest: my ’50s-housewife garb against the background of dirty dishes.

green dots XIV

green dots X

green dots IX

green dots VI

green dots III

My hair is magenta again. It feels so right. Pink is my natural hair color.

green dots IV

green dots V

green dots II

I’ve always loved old-fashioned hyperfemme looks accented with visible tattoos.

Blouse: Battery Street Jeans Brooch (on scarf), Necklace, and Belt: Old Gold Skirt: Richmond Food Shelf and Thrift Store

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