bucolic born and bred

I have lived in big bad Burlington for two years now, but I doubt I’ll ever really get used to streetlights’ glare and trucks growling by. I grew up on a dead-end dirt road in a town barely deserving to be called such, and I routinely find myself impressed by such mundanities as wireless internet and indoor plumbing. Sometimes I need the country air.

floral boho I

This porch, like most of the rest of the house, was built by my dad. It looks out onto ten acres of woods.

floral boho III

This dress is so luxuriously soft and airy that to pair it with shoes would disgrace the effect. I could sleep in it quite comfortably. That said, I’m on the fence about whether to take it in a little. I feel gorgeously ethereal in it, but I’m not sure I like how much the waistline pleats just below the belt. I don’t want to compromise the drape of the shoulders, though, which I like quite a bit. I’ll tinker with some safety pins later.

I feel romantic in the best way. I want to frolic across a dusky meadow and into Josh’s gauntlet-clad arms.

floral boho II

I love how pink my hair looks in this light!

floral boho IV

floral boho V

floral boho IX

floral boho VIII

floral boho XI

floral boho X

floral boho VI

Dress: Battery Street Jeans Belt: Old Gold Hat: The Classy Closet Necklace: Gifted

Speaking of home, I thought I’d share a few shots of my bedroom. I lived in that room full-time until college, and even though it’s been downgraded to part-time for the last two years, it’s still the place I sleep the very best.

room I

It’s hectic and fluorescent and cheerfully morbid. It’s my haunted walk-in closet.

In the corner of the frame is my friend Lisle, trying to get internet on his iPod.

room II

I don’t have a bed. I have a nest.

room III

room IV

Maleficent is my favorite fictional character of all time.

room V

room VI

room VII

The view from my window. I’m not even joking.

room VIII


Josh got a sword cane this past weekend. He then dressed himself to the tens and begged me to take pictures of him. I happily complied – hello, LOOK at the man. Unf. (Mine.)

Also, he brought the sword cane to bed with us. I don’t know how to feel about that.

sword cane IV-2

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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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