this is what casual looks like

pink and red V

I really, really don’t need any more black floral dresses. There was really no reason other than sheer materialism for me to snag this one at Goodwill a few days ago. Well, sheer materialism, a $4.99 price tag, and a sexy-as-all-get-out neckline.

Black floral dress + belt + colorful hat = my approximation of a no-frills outfit. It’s a comfortable, reliable formula, ready to be thrown on whenever I oversleep or have cramps or just plain lack another fuck to give. It’s a weird world where my casual equals most people’s formal, though. I’m frequently asked what I’m all dressed up for when I feel at my most basic. I mean, I’m not even wearing any sequins or plastic bangles. I might as well be hiking the Appalachian trail.

Nothing about me will ever be subtle. I’m just fine with that. One of the many, many things I love about fashion, my particular garish brand of fashion in particular, is that it keeps me a little unapproachable. Despite what my whimsical appearance might suggest, I am one hell of an introvert. I don’t like to talk unless I have something to say; idle chatter wears me out. My appearance makes people wary. It keeps them observing me from a distance, exactly the way I like it. Everybody wins.

pink and red IV

This neckline begs for a necklace, but for once in my life I was content to go without one. I loved the few simple pops of color too much to disrupt their effect.

pink and red II

pink and red I

Pre-shoot bathroom selfie. I love how my hair looks.

pink and red III

I wish this dress had a few more buttons. To the art room!

These tights are much paler in person. They actually accent the dress’s pink flowers very well.

pink and red VI

pink and red VII

pink and red IX

pink and red XI

pink and red X

pink and red XII

pink and red XIII

pink and red XV

pink and red XVI

pink and red XIV

Dress & Belt: Goodwill Tights: Handed down from Marissa Hat, Shoes, & Bracelet: Gifted

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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