arson, murder, and unabashedly fluorescing

all pink VII

No part of me is, will be, or ever has been subtle. But I’m of the opinion that (almost) any publicity is good publicity. I hardly care whether the heads I turn are fixed in sneers or smiles: at least I’ve been noticed. At least I’ve done my part to keep Vermont blossoming with eccentrics. The function of art is not just to please but to provoke. I just want to make you think: I don’t give a damn what conclusion you actually reach.

I took these pictures in City Hall Park. I’m not sure how flattering the light was (and try as I might, I couldn’t crop out all the passersby), but I feel that City Hall Park pictures are an amateur-Burlington-photographer rite of passage.

all pink VIII

all pink I

all pink IV

It seems I’ve laid a small child. Curious.

all pink VI

all pink XIV

all pink X

My lipstick is terribly smudged. Thanks, Obama Josh.

all pink XV

all pink XI

all pink XII

all pink IX

Josh yelling from out of frame: “don’t fall in the malaria fountain!”

And we laughed, but seriously, that fountain is really, really gross.

all pink XVI

Blouse & Peekaboo Bra: Handed down from Mom Skirt: Goodwill Belt & Necklaces: Old Gold Bracelet: Urban Outfitters Tights: Handed down from Marissa Hat: Handed down from Josh Shoes: Gifted

all pink XIII

Vermont’s alternative paper, Seven Days, holds a yearly “Daysies” competition, in which readers choose the best stores, food, and attractions from around the state. This year they’ve added a “best dressed” category, and it would blow me away if y’all could take the time to vote for me. Click here to vote, and comment with any questions. Thanks so much in advance!

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

3 thoughts on “arson, murder, and unabashedly fluorescing”

  1. I definitely snorted at that picture where you’ve got half a kid coming out from your skirt!
    I especially like that gold bracelet.


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