wings of sand

socialite I

On Monday, I traipsed to North Beach for a sunset shoot with Morgan Sweeney of Socialite Photography. My friend Rachel had modeled for her and recommended we meet. Here’s the first batch of the photos we took. You’ll have to excuse the simple outfits and repeat dresses: when I model for others, I prefer to keep the focus on my poses and physicality rather than on the clothes.

socialite II

socialite IV

socialite V

I am a water child through and through. I can sit and watch the waves for hours; twenty minutes of swimming leaves me feeling positively drugged. A great deal of my natural anxiety falls away in the presence of open water, and I hope that shows in these photos.

socialite VII

This shoot was unique in that I worked with two other models, neither of whom I’d ever met. We all took turns posing under Morgan’s lens. One of them asked me, as we were wrapping up, how I managed to put such energy into my shots. Aside from its flattery, the remark forced me to explain my process, which was useful for both me and the other model. Before I started modeling when I was eighteen, I’d been involved with performing arts for eleven years. I sang in three choirs and did every theater camp my parents were willing to shell out for. I’ve also volunteered at a haunted house since I was thirteen, so I’m no stranger to cackling, over-the-top theatrics. Modeling, to me, is quickie acting. I do my best to tell a story, however short or slight, with each shot. I think of the scenery as my stage and my body as colluding with everything around it, and I use that inspiration to invent a character to portray.

socialite VIII

I’m moving in a little more than a month. Since my student lease ended in May, I’ve been more or less living with Josh, with occasional trips to my parents’ house for meals and outfit pictures. I’m officially setting up shop on (knock on wood!) August 16th. Though I’ll have two roommates, the apartment is bigger than any I’ve ever had. I’m already envisioning a wall of fabric shelves, an antique dress form, and a huge-ass bulletin board to pin my designs to. I think I need to change my panties.

And I’m really going to need the extra work space, because I’ve been getting an unprecedented number of opportunities lately. On Saturday, I’ll officially begin modeling for Wings of Sin, a local goth designer! I’ll be walking in her fashion show on Saturday as part of Crosswalk, Burlington’s first official fashion weekend. If you’re in the Burlington area and feel so inclined, click here to purchase tickets and see me in my real live gothy glory.

As for those other opportunities I mentioned … let’s just say you should expect an unveiling very, very soon.

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I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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