my punky valentine

punk XI

punk X

I got these babies from my beautiful friend Ruthless, who could no longer make use of them. My style definitely has a girlier bent than hers, so I was a fitting choice to receive them. And I’ve brought a little of her with them, it seems. I woke up this morning feeling far punkier than I’m used to, with nary a hint of my usual flapperbilly in the mix. The last thing I want is for my creative outlets to grow staid and stagnant, so I both indulged my unusual urge and documented my divergence for all the world to see.

punk I

punk II

punk VIII

I met Ruthless through our shared dedication to haunted houses. She is queen of the goths, and she does the beautifulest zombie makeup in all the land. In the past year, I’ve met quite a few genuinely kindred friends. Pagans, haunters, burlesque dancers. I have rarely lacked for true friends, but I never shook the feeling that we were close in spite of our interests rather than because of them. So I get a genuine thrill out of having a circle of comrades whose passions and goals actually line up with mine. Who will invite me to cabarets and Imbolc rituals and drag shows. This was, honestly, a big part of why I opted not to run off to Manhattan, as you may remember me itching to do a year or so ago. I was looking for something that didn’t end up being terribly hard to find right here in Burlington, once I turned my social anxiety back from 11.

punk III

punk XIV

punk V

Rachel of Floral Prints and Common Sense told me that her outfit today reminds her of something I’d wear. Funnily enough, my outfit reminds me more than a little of her.

punk VI

punk IX

punk XIII

Sweater: Old Gold Skirt: Savers Blouse: Dirt Chic Pearls: Battery Street Jeans Belt: Downtown Threads Tights & Socks: Gifted Shoes: Ruthless!

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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