There is, in fact, an establishment by that name. I hate everything.

Josh, our dear friend Bridget, and I spent Saturday and Sunday in New Hampshire’s greatest shame, visiting friends and perusing thrift stores for unsettling dolls. Oh, and hey – we ate dinner at a place with almost 20,000 likes on Facebook. Anything to help offset the embarrassment.

I wore simple (for me) clothes and did not brush my hair. No makeup but for lipstick, without which I feel far too naked. Sometimes my love of aesthetics feels too performative. I want to wear my clothes, not the other way around. God forbid I become so lashed to a particular version of myself that I can’t leave the house in something less than perfect. Seriously, no one in Manch-fucking-Vegas is going to notice my unpolished nails.


Bridget is less than patriotic.


doll I

doll II

Singing or screaming? “Slay bells ring…”

doll III doll IV doll IX doll VI doll VII doll VIII doll X


Not even by the same author.


Be still whatever passes for my heart!

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