jackie woah


So as of June first, I’ve been living in the most rockabilly house ever. Some Stuff Happened and Josh and I had to get the %*^& out of our apartment on three days’ notice. Fortunately, we were able to find a summer sublet in this Levittown-esque house while we look for a new place of our own.

This house – which we call Pretty House, as opposed to  the old Shitty House – happens to be filled with a bunch of my college friends. I’m living in party central once again – which makes me hella nervous, given that this is a very nice neighborhood filled with Real People. Our next-door neighbor is a freaking surgeon. This house is far too good for a gaggle of 20somethings. Here’s hoping my attempts at housewifery will class up the joint.


I miss weirdness. It’s been too damn hot to go all out with anything. In the fifteen minutes I spent on these photos, I was sweating so hard that beads of hair dye began rolling down my neck. I think I can be forgiven for preferring lighter, more whimsical shoots to anything complicated or heavy. But this blog can’t go without the eccentric for long. Provided the weather cooperates, I’m planning a few surreal pagan-tastic shoots over the next few weeks. Creepy dolls all around – and maybe Baroness Samedi will make another appearance.





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