cirque de la crazypants

clown I

You guys, I tried so hard to design an entire “creepy clown” shoot. But as many angles as I tried, as many variations of light, the camera wasn’t having it. These five shots are the only ones I consider worthy of posting, though I fully intend to return to this idea another time.

My mindscape’s been a circus the past few days. I mean a literal circus – I’m ringmistress and freakshow in one. Green Mountain Cabaret’s July show, taking place on the 26th, is carnival-themed, so I suppose I’m not the only one. I’ve been thinking of shooting an entire series as different circus characters. What would y’all think? I’m sure Josh could lend me some hair for the bearded lady.

clown II clown III clown IV clown V

not your independence day post

islands XI islands X

Because ruining fun with facts is what I do best, I feel the need to point out that we should probably be celebrating the second, not the fourth. I tend to love holidays, but this one is meh for me. Patriotism always feels a little gross.

Josh and I drove today to Connecticut to see his family, and I’m hungry and sleepy and glad I have these shots from yesterday to share. Even though I’m having an amazing hair day today and no one will see it. My dad and I went up to the Lake Champlain Islands – the “west shore of New England”, as they call it – to see my godfather and his homestead. He’s got gardens upon gardens and a horde of bees (culty little fuckers). Too damn Vermont for words.

islands VIII islands III islands V

islands VI islands I islands VII islands IX islands II islands XII

jackie woah


So as of June first, I’ve been living in the most rockabilly house ever. Some Stuff Happened and Josh and I had to get the %*^& out of our apartment on three days’ notice. Fortunately, we were able to find a summer sublet in this Levittown-esque house while we look for a new place of our own.

This house – which we call Pretty House, as opposed to  the old Shitty House – happens to be filled with a bunch of my college friends. I’m living in party central once again – which makes me hella nervous, given that this is a very nice neighborhood filled with Real People. Our next-door neighbor is a freaking surgeon. This house is far too good for a gaggle of 20somethings. Here’s hoping my attempts at housewifery will class up the joint.


I miss weirdness. It’s been too damn hot to go all out with anything. In the fifteen minutes I spent on these photos, I was sweating so hard that beads of hair dye began rolling down my neck. I think I can be forgiven for preferring lighter, more whimsical shoots to anything complicated or heavy. But this blog can’t go without the eccentric for long. Provided the weather cooperates, I’m planning a few surreal pagan-tastic shoots over the next few weeks. Creepy dolls all around – and maybe Baroness Samedi will make another appearance.