but the devil take the women for they never can be easy



I’m feeling super &$(@*$% autumnal, even though it’s August sixteenth and Spirit Halloween isn’t even open yet. But I can’t help it – the tide has turned. Once I’ve been to Maine, once I’ve baptized my body in salt and surf, it’s aaalll about sweaters, gourds, and something ineffably fae in the air.

I’ve listened to the Dubliners’ “Whiskey in the Jar” one too many times of late, and I’ve started to envision myself lonesome and boot-shod on storied country roads. Irish music does that to me. I’m a journeygirl. A highwaychick. Gotta get my favorite cloak out of storage.





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  1. Jake says:

    3 CUTE 5 ME! You know that I’m always about the skirt action, but i LOVE that top. 10/10, would borrow.

  2. This is SO cute! I love all of the colors you’re wearing, and your hair!!! Now that I’ve taken the leap and done red, I might just have to do pink someday in the future.

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