americana & things you didn’t know


First outfit photos in (well, in front of) my new apartment! I love the view from my front stoop. It hits all the tropes of the working class while managing not to be dismal. I can see spending the scrappier part of my youth here.

Also, here are seven things you probably did not know about me. This is the sort of thing I cringe a little to write: it seems like such a grub for pageviews. But I always like reading lists like this when other bloggers write them. And I like humanizing people. I’m not just a brightly dressed girl on your computer screen. Subjectivity and all that.

Hurr we go!


1) My childhood was distinguished by Buddhists and cake. My dad teaches martial arts & martial arts theory, and some of his seminars took place at a Buddhist monastery in New York. I grew up spending two or three weekends a year there, running around the grounds while my dad taught. I remember playing Frisbee with some of the monks. When I was fourteen, I started participating in the services and the minutiae of monastic life, which was very formative to my love of spirituality.

My mom is a professional baker. (Some of her creations are kinda legendary, to be honest. She used to make these for all my school events.) There was ALWAYS cake in the house. I must’ve eaten enough leftovers and outtakes in my life to feed an entire wedding party. This was formative to my love of…cake.

2) It doesn’t really come across in photos, but I am an extremely twitchy person. I have so many tiny muscle tics that my body often aches at the end of the day. There are medications I can take when it gets bad, which I rely on before stage performances or important events.


3) I love ghost hunting even though I don’t actually believe in ghosts. I’m big on suspension of disbelief, which is the only way a skeptic like me can enjoy horror as much as I do.

4) Over the years, I have wanted to be: a writer, a brain surgeon, a criminologist, a writer, a Latin scholar, a model, an actress, a writer, a linguist, a funeral director, a writer, a coroner, a costume designer, and a writer. It’s always been fundamentally about writing for me. About telling stories. I’ll always come back to that.

5) I had a stalker when I was fifteen. He was an elementary school friend who had simultaneously fallen in love with me and become a born-again Christian, and he was convinced it was up to him to save my soul. Except his version of salvation involved perpetual harassment.


6) I attended an Audubon Center day camp one summer when I was about five. Being both an only child and a pint-size attention whore, I told the counselors and the other campers all about my little sister, Molly. I’m sure I got more than a few psychiatric referrals when my parents picked me up and promptly dispelled the myth. That is not even close to the weirdest thing I did as a child.

7) I really, really hate the sound of paper being folded. Unequivocally worse than nails on a blackboard.


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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