the beautiful side of decay

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It’s Art of Horror time again! It’s a juried show featuring works that “represent the beautiful side of decay, the finer points of blood letting, and that special something inside a depraved mind.” Last year Josh’s work was exhibited, and this year mine was! I dressed in my spookiest finery for the opening on Friday night, saw some bloody burlesque and a simulated human sacrifice, and gorged on eyeball cake pops. In other words: I was home.

The pieces will hang until October 25th. In the meantime, take a look at my favorite works. Mine is not among them because I stupidly forgot to photograph it. But you’ve seen it on the blog before: it was this photo!

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garden of earthly delights


I spent Tuesday night at my family home so I could watch my mom compete in a cook-off on Wednesday. (Not only did she get a shiny award, I got a ton of complimentary food – everybody wins!) I’d intended to sleep in, because it’s not every day you get to wake up lazily in your childhood bedroom, but I was awakened by the sun at 7 and knew I couldn’t miss the fog. They just don’t make it like that anywhere but the Green Mountains.

Besides, this dress deserved something special. It’s ’50s vintage, worn so thin I can practically see my heart beat beneath its bodice. It fits like it was made for me. It hung in Downtown Threads for the better part of a year before I sucked it up and bought it, and I have zero regrets.