all is not lost

I sure hopped on my soapbox yesterday. I carry one everywhere just to be safe. But I don’t like to identify a problem without doing something about it, so I want to highlight a few bloggers who break that “cupcakes and hipsters” mold. As much as I bitch and bemoan my loneliness, I am really not the only blogger trying to do something different.

A few things I look for in a really quality blogger:

  • First and foremost, uniqueness. Not to get all “I’m not like other girls” on you and sniff that popular interests are inherently bad. Not at all! But no matter how pedestrian your passions, I want to see them filtered through the lens of you. I want to see them come alive through your eyes. Few things bore me faster than someone with no opinions and no perspective.
  • Humility. I don’t think anyone is required to apologize for the things they have or the life they lead. I’m not expecting high-end bloggers to prostrate themselves at my feet. But hideously expensive items presented without context or commentary seems tone-deaf to me, particularly when they’re included in “gift guides” or “shop my closet” links. You don’t have to apologize, but I would like you to acknowledge your presence in the 1%. And maybe include a few cheaper alternatives.
  • In that vein,  I have become quite cynical about corporate sponsorships. Sometimes I really appreciate them: I always like seeing bloggers review products or sellers I’d been considering. Hey, I’ve done one myself. But there’s a point at which it stops seeming like a review and becomes blatant ass-kissing. As though the blogger is the new “face” of the product rather than just another discerning consumer. It feels really dishonest to me, and antithetical to what (I think) fashion blogging should be about: an independent take on style, not just another corporate extension. Bloggers dressed in head-to-toe c/o are a huge turn-off. If you’re relying on sponsors to dress you, you’ve lost touch with the “personal” element of personal style.
  • Artistry. This is probably the most important. I am forever endeared to any blogger who can describe her outfit beyond “it looked nice”. I’m sure it did, but what inspired you? What character are you playing? Do you feel like a Greek goddess or a riot grrl? Maybe both? Show me that you’re thinking here. Show me that you’re interested in style, the art, not just clothing, the acquisition.

Here are some favorites that break the mold.

Advanced Style

hope I

I have a soft spot for anyone pushing the boundaries of who fashion is for. AS is full of older women (and a few men) who refuse to diminish. They wear exactly what they choose, and they have no patience for prudes half their age clucking “do”s and “don’t”s at them. Ari Seth Cohen’s photography is bright but down to earth; he’s trying to complement the glossies, not replace them. He even released a documentary this fall.

Downside: as I’ve gotten more invested in Advanced Style, I’ve spent a lot more time combing the obituaries.

Amy Flying a Kite

hope II

Amy, admittedly, hits a lot of the marks I railed against yesterday (grainy pensiveness, lots of food photos). That said, her versions of them make clear that they come from within and not without. She’s a poet and a folk musician, and everything about her oozes the earnestness thereof. The way she writes about her life and her art and her style is just…the best word I have is reverent:

I told myself many years ago that I must learn to call every winter beautiful and find my own reasons for saying so. I will not spend a lick of December longing for the garden or trying to catch the fragrance of flowers. I will stay cozy and close to the fireplace while being dazzled by the kind of glitter you can only find in the snow. I will bake shortbread cookies and give them a hot cocoa bath. I will find one hundred reasons to love the season in which I was born.

I think the main difference between her and other “hipster” bloggers is that Amy doesn’t take a thing for granted. She’s about finding beauty in every mote of existence. She might seem maudlin, but nope: she’s just that sentimental. She can’t be pretentious, because there’s no pretense. This is who she is. And I love it.

Eccentric Owl

hope III

Let’s be real; Kristina’s style is crazy similar to mine. We’ve both got the kooky/pinup/society dame thing going on. And we’re exactly the same size, so the fantasy of sharing her wardrobe is just that much closet to reality. More than that, though, she integrates her outfits into her world and shows off just how much can be done with clothing. She designs costumes for her husband’s short films and puts together outfits inspired by books she’s reading. And her makeup skills put me to shame.

She’s also just…real. I don’t know how else to put it. She writes simply and warmly but manages to avoid the cloying pseudo-intimacy I see in so many bloggers. She’s also very different from me spiritually and socially, but our disagreements are never anything but civil. For instance, she disagrees that sex work is empowering to women, but she’s supporting my Dressember campaign for the International Union of Sex Workers because she still believes their rights should be protected. I respect that.

As a person, she couldn’t be more down to earth; as an artist, she whisks me away. That’s a combination I always appreciate.

Helga Von Trollop

hope IV

Helga is the kind of bawdy older woman I can imagine stuffing a dollar in a Chippendale’s g-string. And then maybe rushing the stage, because you only live once. She reminds me of one of my mom’s friends: a squat, redheaded Kiwi prone to overuse of the word “fabulous”. Helga is everything I want to be when I grow up, and getting drunk with her is on my bucket list.


hope V

She’s an artist, plain and simple. She makes no distinction between “outfit” and “costume”: the whole world’s her stage, every photo a production. I deeply admire that.

Melodic, Thrifty, & Chic

hope VI

Anna is unbearably twee. And also cyberpunk, and also dapper as all hell. She remains the most genuinely chameleonic fashion blogger I’ve ever seen. It takes a sharp eye to wear so many distinct styles and look 100% at home in each one. She’s also awkward as fuck, in the most adorable way possible. She takes this self-deprecating tone that never comes off as grating, just honest.

Not only THAT, but she’s one of the few bloggers who does corporate sponsorship right. She gives honest reviews of the products in question. No fawning, no smarm. She also sees the free swag for what it is: a gift, not a given. So many bloggers seem all too blase about the free stuff. Anna never takes it for granted.

The Clothes Horse

hope VII

Disclaimer: Rebecca is pretty damn popular. Last I checked, she had >10k followers on Facebook. But you know what, I love her anyway. She’s the only capital-B blogger I really follow, but rest assured she deserves it. Her blog is its own universe, full of starched pleats and pre-Raphaelites. Her posts never feel like just collections of photos: they’re knit together with poetry, art history, or whatever else she’s inspired by that day. Here’s what she wrote about Carven’s pre-fall 2013 collection:

I envision the Carven Pre-fall 2013 girl as a real-life Margot Tennebaum of inherited furs and consanguineous neuroses. She’s supposedly getting a master’s degree in Art History, but due to her hermit-like tendencies she hasn’t managed to complete her course work, let alone start her required internship. She spends most days deep within the recesses of her ancestral home reading Anais Nin by a fireplace filled with candles and cooking pasta over a bunsen burner. When she ventures out her disheveled hair and the dark circles under her eyes always betray her more curious nature no matter how gentrified her outfits of vintage Ferragamos, Chanel jackets, and crocodile clutches.

The Leather Fanny Pack

hope VIII

Because she’s the wacky society dame I desperately aspire to be. She’s obsessed with A Series of Unfortunate Events and dresses like the Esme Squalor of my headcanon. She is dark and arty (and just a wee bit insufferable) and completely fabulous.

Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “all is not lost”

  1. Aww, man. I started reading and then I got palpitations as I always do when a blogger talks about blogging pet peeves. I was like…do I have too many c/o items? I went back and looked at all my blog posts like a freak just to make sure. This shit matters, man. If I’m selling out and I don’t even realize it, that would be the worst. Then I kept reading and I fell in love with Advanced Style. Adding that one to my list. I’m always wondering about how my style will evolve as I get older and if I can still be “me” without completely embarrassing anyone who happens to know me and also be in the vicinity. After looking at the website though, I felt…relief? I think that’s the right word. I’m not even worried about it, anymore.

    So, I read on and I’m enjoying the descriptions of the other bloggers and then I see my photo and I’m like… No. What is that doing there? I couldn’t even get through your blurb about me. Too kind, man. I’m very grateful. Truly. I’ll come back to this post and read the full thing, later. I just can’t do it, right now. Embarrassed. Anyway, I’ve silently admired most of the bloggers you mentioned and, as it turns out, for some of the same reasons.

    Also, I appreciate that you follow people whose opinions don’t necessarily align with yours. There is much to be gained from that. I’m an atheist, but I follow quite a few bloggers who are Christian. I think it might surprise them to find that out, but for me it’s not about their personal beliefs, it’s about their style. We may not become best friends and they might pity me because I’m going straight to hell (of which I have no doubt, really), but at least we can agree on the fact that we like each other’s clothes. Haha. I like how blogging brings different types of people together. I think your post truly exemplifies and celebrates that. I’m honored to have been a small part of it.

    – Anna

  2. Ah, you made me all giddy and flustered! I am beyond thrilled to be on this list; I have been thinking lately how much I love you and your blog, because you’re so fascinating and unique and fun and intelligent. You are truly the whole package! Plus… yes, if I lived next door to you, I’d constantly be bugging you for photoshoots together or to model for me and also I’d be stealing your clothes.

    I’ve been thinking about the whole sponsored and c/o items lately. I am constantly looking at myself and my style and thinking “Okay, am I wearing this c/o item because I truly love it, or because it was free?” and thankfully so far, the answer has been the former. But I do take more expensive items into heavy consideration before accepting; this past week I was contacted by a jewelry company to review a ring that is on the more expensive side — by my wallet, anyway. And the magpie in me immediately went “shiny! yes!” but the practical side of me said “if I were looking for an engagement or wedding ring (it’s an eternity ring meant to go with an engagement ring), would I actually spend the money on this?” Of course, the one they sent me was a high-quality replica with CZ’s, not diamonds, but still. In the end I accepted only because it was a relatively reasonably priced item (it cost less than my wedding ring with diamonds in it) and it’s something I’ve been wearing non-stop since it arrived. It’s hard for me to accept more expensive items, though! With one company that I work with, I nearly always choose cheaper items based on that fact alone, even if there is something else I want that’s more costly. I just can’t.

    Anyway! I have to go check out these bloggers now! I looove this list. (I followed Rebecca of The Clothes Horse for a while a long time ago, then grew tired of her, and now I’m back. I think sometimes I get bored of certain popular bloggers because they do become same-y… or they transform from unique to more trendy once they get more popular. Which makes me sad.

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