merry and bright


Sometimes, everything bores me.

And, you know, I’m really not into that. The last thing I want to be is disaffected. I’m someone who likes to find rudiments of joy everywhere. Angst is alien to me, which is why it’s so strange and scary when my mindscape curdles. Depression isn’t me. It’s the light slipping out of the sky and beauty receding from the ordinary. It’s wanting to shed yourself and find somewhere new, but knowing you’ll carry the weight wherever you go.

It’s why I need color.



This summer I’m going to Portland. I’m going, like I’ve always wanted, to see the Pacific Northwest. “Josh,” I told him last night, “I need to see something different.”

“We’ll start saving after Christmas,” he said, “and we can be there by July.”


Maybe there’s something for me on this barren planet after all.



Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

6 thoughts on “merry and bright”

  1. That DRESS. I feel that way about color, too; whenever I start getting bored with clothing (or life), a bright color does the trick.
    So… Portland is only 2-3 hours away from where I live.
    Just sayin’… you know… if we could find a way to coax you a little further, or meet in the middle, or get my husband to take a Portland trip… actually I’ve always wanted to tour Portland so I bet I could get him to come next summer. And a vintage vixen photoshoot could happen.

  2. You’ll love Portland! We have a ton of great thrift stores and bunches of vintage clothing places too. The city is fun with lots to do and just a short drive will take you to any number of stunning outdoor pursuits. Columbia River Gorge, Mt Hood, Oregon Coast, or head east into the desert. It’s all worth seeing. Oh, and the food! Great restaurants on just about every corner.

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