bitch, i’m fabulous


I have never in my life liked leopard print. Any animal print, for that matter. It’s an inside joke among my loved ones, a slice of family mythology: “everyone get Skye leopard stuff for Christmas [hurr durr]!” But this coat, courtesy of Danica, is the thing that reorients my entire life. When a piece of clothing is so striking that it makes you question long-established disgust, then you wear that piece until it falls off your cold dead bones.

I broke it in last night over my last meal of the year. ‘Tis the season for “bitch I’m fabulous” Advanced Style aesthetic. ‘Tis every season for that.


This year I plan to…

  • grow my hair long and dye it back to pink. I love my flapper bob, but I want to do things with my hair again. I want clips and pins and towering Victorian updos. And I want it all in pink, because anachronism.
  • get that much closer to finishing this goddamn religion degree. I have a complete minor (Latin language & literature) and all my electives, so I can focus 100% on religion.
  • transition to wearing 100% vintage. I wear exclusively thrifted now, but not all my pieces are vintage vintage: I do have some reproduction. This year, I won’t buy a garment without certainty of its age.
  • visit Portland and take selfies in front of waterfalls
  • stage kitten for the Vermont Burlesque Festival
  • either finish my novel for real this time or commit seppuku, because what other option do I have really



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  1. Anna says:

    Magnificent coat! You must keep that no matter what the cost! Your shoes are fantastic and the details on the crop sweater are really amazing. The crown is perfect. Beautiful ensemble!

    – Anna

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