on modernity (vintage florals, pink coat, red hat, & yellow tights)


I don’t understand this emphasis on “vintage with a modern twist”. I don’t want a modern twist. I want to wear my circle skirts and corsets the way God (or Dior) intended. I want to look like a walking anachronism. A ghost in petticoats. (And then I want to open my mouth and shatter the daintiness, because fuck yeah contradictions.)



It disturbs me, this obsession with looking “modern”. Living in 2015, I have thousands of years of fashion to inform me. Why would I want to confine myself to what’s trendy right now? Why would I want to telegraph “my mind is so small that I only care about what’s right in front of me”?


I bristle when I hear “outdated” as an insult. God forbid I don’t reinvent myself every time something new comes down the runway. God forbid I know who I am and dress like it. Why is it a bad thing to know what you like? Why should I retire my attachments because someone else has decided it’s time to replace them?


If modern styles are your thing, then wear them to death. From an artistic standpoint, I have nothing against innovation. But I question any ethos that praises modernity just because. Growth for the sake of itself. Wearing new things to fit in with the hordes of other people also wearing new things, to signal…what, exactly? That you’ll wear that dress or those shoes for a season and then leave them to collect dust? That’s not really something to brag about.

Vintage girls, they say, live in the past. We yearn, secretly or not so, for a time when men opened doors and women didn’t leave the house. Maybe some of us do. I can’t speak for everyone. But I know I’d rather fetishize the past than forget it.


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

4 thoughts on “on modernity (vintage florals, pink coat, red hat, & yellow tights)”

  1. Yes. All of this. I honestly don’t think looking “modern” is really that beautiful. I mean, on some, it is. It fits certain people. But oh, the past. The corsets, the bustles, the hair, the care that was put into just going to the grocery store… yes, to that. Can we bring back Victorian style dressing? For men, too? Because HECK yes. My husband said the other day he wished people still dressed like that, and I had… a fantasy… so… y’know. That’s another thing entirely…
    Thankfully, I’ve only ever been admired for dressing vintage/retro. People usually think it’s great, and if they don’t they certainly keep their silence.

    Also, this may be my favorite dress you’ve ever worn. It is GORGEOUS.

    1. Thank you kindly! That’s the one I impulse-bought on Etsy, the one you said you would’ve bought too. 😀

      Men in Victorian garb…I can’t even handle it. Josh is very into that era, and I’d like to get more into it so I can go with him to period events and such. That’s part of why I’m growing my hair out: so I can dye it cotton-candy pink and do fancy Victorian updos with it, because anachronism.

  2. YESSSSS. I am so sick of reading “How to wear vintage” instructions that always include, “Don’t wear head-to-toe vintage!” I really enjoy the satisfaction of re-creating a certain look, aesthetic or vibe at times.

    p.s. I just found your blog and am now binge-reading it. LOVE IT. You are the best.

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