houndstooth swing coat & muted vintage florals

sg I

Cosplaying Madeleine today, though I’m not sure I’d enjoy having twelve of me. I’ve read too much Calvin & Hobbes not to understand the dangers of duplication.


sg VI

For the past three weeks, my views have tanked. TANKED. I’m talking, like, ~20 per day. Sometimes up to 70 if I’m lucky.  My stats have climbed steadily upward for the past year, but I think I might – perish the thought – have peaked. January clocked in at 4,095 views. February sank to 2,419. March is young yet, but I’ve had only 254 views, which averages out to ~40 per day. I don’t know what’s happening, and I’m kinda freaked out.

My content hasn’t changed. I mean, it’s evolved over the past almost-three years I’ve blogged here, but there’s been no jumping of the shark. Nothing so radical as to shrink my hits counter by a good third. It’s gotten better, I think. I get better at photography with every shoot. I refine my knowledge of vintage every time I get dressed.

Maybe this kind of thing isn’t up to me. Maybe the internet tells you when your expiration date has arrived, and you roll with the masses or risk total irrelevance.

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I’m not grubbing for views, I swear. I’d sooner gag on a spoon than be so publicly maudlin. But I would like to know if I’m alone in this. Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of drop-off, precipitated by basically nothing? Talk to me. Others’ stories just might alleviate my finger-chewing neuroses.

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Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

3 thoughts on “houndstooth swing coat & muted vintage florals”

  1. First of all, THAT COAT. If I could to a heart-eyes emoji, I would. That is probably the most beautiful coat I have ever seen.

    And yeah, I’ve had that happen before — not as drastically as you, perhaps, but on a month-to-month basis in the last few years, I have months where my stats will be down by thousands. From October to November last year, I lost 4,000 views. I think perhaps stats tend to flow with life events — school starting, weddings, babies (over here, it’s mega baby and wedding season), holidays, workloads, stuff like that. It happens.

    I read, though, that making sure your blog post title is something that people would more likely search for on Google (such as clothing terms rather than creative titles, or “how to” terms), you’ll draw more traffic. So I’ve been testing that theory over the last… month or two?, and trying to couple the titles of my posts with what I’m wearing (aka, 1960’s wiggle dress, or Vintage novelty print, etc) AND a little of what the post contains (motherhood, trying purple lipstick, whatever) and… it’s true. I mean, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to admit as a blogger that you’d love more traffic and to gain more readers — hey, even if you blog purely for fun, it’s nice to share the joy with people and be recognized for your efforts. Even though as a writer I prefer creative titles, as a blogger I think it’s useful to utilize what tools you have to share your blog in more ways. (Also, did you know that the tags on your blog will not draw traffic? I didn’t — the tags on your blog are purely for your own categorization, and Google will not draw from those words to put you in searches.)

    I’ve gone almost double what my monthly stats were in the time I’ve been testing this theory (I think that’s coupled with always sharing the outfit on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and (automatically from Facebook) Twitter, and trying to comment more on blogs, but the title has made a significant difference as I was doing all those other things before).

    Anyway! It sucks that your stats have gone down SO much, and I hope they rise again! More people need to see your loveliness.

    P.S. If your coat goes missing, it wasn’t me. *innocent face*

  2. I read your blog in my RSS feed — I wonder if it shows up? Maybe try hiding your feed and see if you get more clicks. If I like a blog, I do always click through my feed to the actual site. Something to think about at least!

    1. RSS feed clicks still show up in stats (FYI for Skye); any clicks that have to do with any url redirecting to a blog will show up in that blog’s stats, regardless (the only thing that wouldn’t show up would be posts read via emails.)

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