cherries & vintage green



Easter makes it abundantly evident what a nOOb religion major I am. This morning I went to Mass with a Catholic friend who wrote his thesis on Vatican II. He was full of insights about scriptural quirks and the True Meaning of Resurrection, and I’m just like “…well, I’ve got a bitchin’ hat.”



I have so much to learn, but depending on your religion of choice, I have any number of lifetimes in which to learn it. I am so fascinated by spiritual systems, by law and creed and myth, both by the holy books and by the ways they are lived.

I am not, myself, inclined toward belief. But I’m not immune to the joy knit through religious communities. Dozens of people united in pursuit of the same divinity is an amazing thing to witness.

But I am never more aware of the horns tattooed on the back of my neck than in a Catholic church.

easterIII easterIXeasterVIII

easterII easterI easterV easterX





Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

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