flower crown, peter pan collar, and ~dem boots~


Sometimes a certain blogger’s aesthetic gets stuck in my head, and I sit around itching until I can emulate it. In this case, it’s Kate of Scathingly Brilliant, specifically this look. She doesn’t post anymore (boo hiss), but her blog was one of my favorites. Say what you will about style ruts, but I admire people who own a certain look and wear the hell out of it. In Kate’s case, super!kawaii pastel Disney princess. It’s not everyone’s thing, but it worked for her.


Today I’ve also got part of a short story for you. Recently I’ve been editing some of my old stories. I used to think polishing up an old story was “cheating” somehow – that the Skye who wrote it was an entirely different person, someone I’d be somehow ripping off. This just in: I’m so neurotic that I worry about plagiarizing myself. That is not a sign of anything good.

So here you go. It’s a ten-page story, about half of which I’ve rewritten so far. Just an intro to whet your appetite:

easterIV easterV

It’s been three years now, to the day, but I still can’t forget how time used to move differently. How three or four or five years ago I wouldn’t have measured in years at all. I moved in seasons and sighs and smoke curling through morning mist. The tensions were high, but the living was grand. We’d be blown to hell soon enough; now was the time for our own hedonic heaven.


My days poured into the shape of her, bold along her spine or precious in the details of her eyelids. Awash in seconds, hours, days, she glowed. When energy filled her and she brimmed with excitement, with lust, time raged by in bounds. Other days, slow and piecemeal, it was barely there. A meager heartbeat in waxy skin.

“Tell me about her,” my brother asks sometimes. He can tell when she’s glimmering just inside my bones. “Let her out.”

“I can’t,” I tell him, again and again. I never took the time to memorize all of her at once. She wasn’t interesting to me that way; her devilry lay in the details.. She was a smile and a sterling collarbone and a pair of perfect earlobes and a set of hips. I can’t let her out, because that’s all I have. I just need it to stay mine.





Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

2 thoughts on “flower crown, peter pan collar, and ~dem boots~”

  1. I loved Scathingly Brilliant, even though she did fall FAR too far into the twee/Disney/Modcloth land most of the time. It worked for her, and she may have been one of the only ones that it ever worked that well for! I feel like she got very much caught up in what people said about her around the Internet (GOMI seems to love to have hated on her) and in comments (sudden disappearance of comment section?) and retreated back into her shell. She was so sweet, though, and I’m sad that she’s done blogging!

    “He can tell when she’s glimmering just inside my bones.” — I just… I love that line. I think I’m going to take up just writing short stories and poetry and give up novel-writing for a while, because of you and Marlen. You guys and your ridiculous writing talent inspire me so much!

    1. Honestly, the whole debacle with her and GOMI helped fan my dislike of that site. Some bloggers are unscrupulous and absolutely deserve to be criticized, but Kate was just so sweet. Her whole thread really, really felt like punching down instead of up. And they really crossed the line with some of the speculation about her personal life – one popular theory was that she and her brother were having an incestuous affair. Sometimes GOMI does indeed speak truth to power, like when they call out shady things e.g. selling c/o items, but the Kate thing seemed very much like picking on someone everyone knew struggled with anxiety just for…fun, I guess.

      😀 Thank you so much, lady! I’m really happy with where my writing is going these days, and I’m glad it can inspire others. You and Marlen and I should start a little critique circle for vintage-loving writers.

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