real classicists wear pink


I have three favorite days. Halloween, my birthday, and Latin Day. O Latin Day.


The UVM Classics department hosts an annual festival of Roman history and culture for Latin students across the state. Seventh-through-twelfth-graders compete in recitation, grammar, theater, and art. And it’s kiiiind of a big deal. Latin was my whole life in high school, and I spent months preparing for this thing. I was the captain of the quiz bowl team, and my senior year I adapted Cena Trimalchionis for the stage. One year I had a stomach bug so bad I could barely walk, but I still put on my toga and won a blue ribbon for the quiz bowl team. Then I napped on the nice cool auditorium floor until it was time to go home. THAT is how much I love Latin Day.

I’ve been involved with it for seven years now, in multiple capacities. I loved the competitions as a teenager; now, as a Latin minor at UVM, I love the administrative end of things and watching proto-Skyes develop. This year I got to judge the costume contest! I dressed as Arachne, which, if we’re being real, wasn’t much of a costume. I just wore all the spider things I own. And I made these nifty spider hair clips out of pipe cleaners.

(…on the subject of pipe cleaners, I got CARDED while buying them. I mean, I get that they’re technically smoking paraphernalia, but still. Stretch much?)

ldVIIldIldX ldXIIldXVldVI

Professor Chiu is the Leslie Knope of Classics. For real. I don’t think she sleeps. She just grades papers and makes bitchin’ costumes and infects even the most lethargic with her passion.

ldIII ldIV

I didn’t get a picture of it, but some beautiful soul brought in homemade gnocchi and globuli (dough balls rolled in honey). Let’s be real: free food is the best part of any event.


Valete, omnes!


Author: skye

I aspire to be a bright-eyed girl in a big city, even though I wear glasses and live in what amounts to a hole in the ground.

One thought on “real classicists wear pink”

  1. Now I REALLY need to move to Vermont. Latin Day! Oh how I loved it in high school; I am thankful nearly every day that I spent four years loving every second of Latin class.

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